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Time for a pop of color


I’ve been afraid of adding color to much of our house for far too long. I always find myself gravitating towards earth tones and neutrals. There is so much brown, eggshell and green that it’s so incredibly boring. But, the color overwhelms me and scares me. I worry that I don’t know what will go with what and what will look good together. So, I do nothing.

But, I’m feeling some inspiration. Teal has been my jam for a while now. I want all of the teal things. And I feel like teal really goes with any bright color so I can’t mess it up too much. I’ve started small. I added this teal clock to our living room. It’s really adding the pop of color that we need.

Time for a pop of color

The color is totally on point with what I like and has inspired me to start dreaming of some more color for our house. It’s time to ditch the neutrals, Krystyn.

Time for a pop of color

Our house is very dark so some bright color will really open things up. Maybe I’ll add some colorful pillows and wall art in next. Something to loosely coordinate with this awesome clock.

time for a pop of color

Thankfully, I dress the girls in bright pops of color, so their pictures will go perfectly with the new pops in the house. 

Time for a pop of color

Between their clothes and the clock as my muse, we should have some color in our house before I know it.

Time for a pop of color

How do you add color to your home? I’m all ears and can use all the help!

Wayfair supplied me with a gift card for this post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I LOVE the clock. You know I am a huge teal fan! If it actually works I need to get one…you know my fancy PB clock doesn’t keep the right time no matter how new the batteries are.

  2. pat chance says:

    I like your new clock. Our house is pretty neutral too. Only thing I did was get some colorful throw pillows. There are also a lot of really pretty quilts on the market to change out your bed for summer. The quilts are a lot lighter then a comforter which makes them great for hot summers.

  3. Love that clock! I’m trying to add more color to our home too. Same as you – lots of neutrals. It’s just easier. But also makes a good base for color so I’m trying to add decorative objects (like your clock) that are bolder and easier to swap out if I change my mind.

  4. I think that clock is very cute! We actually don’t have very much color in our home either. I’ve been thinking about song some color myself.

  5. That clock is AMAZING! Teal/aqua/mint are so my favorite colors so I swoon anytime I see anything in one of those hues! That clock just has such great old-school charm – I’ll definitely have to put it on my wishlist!

  6. Yes! I love that clock! The color is perfect!
    I have some pretty bold walls in my house. My dining room is burnt orange. The kids’ rooms are all pretty colorful. My bedroom is a warmer orange too. However, the living room/kitchen is a pale yellow. So often I wanted some bright accent wall but I don’t want to get sick of it. So, I basically did what you did. I added teal accent pieces to the living room. Pillows, lamps, artwork. I love it now. It looks so much better now. 🙂

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