10 gifts every science teacher needs in their life


We all love our Science Teachers. They’re the ones that are helping to create a brand new generation of people absolutely fall in love with the sciences. In trying to show our parental appreciation, we’re always on the lookout for fun and cool gifts for them. However, they are so hard to find.

Yes, we can easily get them a gift card, cup cakes, and all of that other fun stuff. Though, nothing lets our Science Teacher community know that we love with them then with a super well thought out and fun gift that they will truly enjoy for the years to come! To help make life easier on all of us, I decided to put this amazing list of gifts that your Science Teacher absolutely needs to have in their life! They’re so amazing, that I might even need them.

10 gifts every science teacher needs in their life

10 gifts every science teacher needs in their life

Caffeine cup

Caffeine Beaker Coffee Cup

This caffeine beaker coffee cup is not one of the boring ol’ coffee cups that they won’t enjoy. In fact, they will proudly display it where ever they decide to enjoy their special cup of dark brew. Plus, it’s freaking hilarious to have the chemical compound shown on a beaker that they can actually drink out of. It’s totally one of my top faves! Also, don’t worry about them confusing it with actual beakers. Normal beakers don’t have handles.

Dna necklace

Double Helix DNA Necklace

If you’re looking to buy a Science Teacher a piece a jewelry, then you need to get this Double Helix DNA necklace today! No matter what branch of Science they teach, the teacher is going to go absolutely crazy over this. I’m not even a Science Teacher, and I totally want this.

Worlds best

World’s Best Science Teacher Earrings

Sometimes, a Science Teacher needs a straight forward token of appreciate that they can proudly wear where they go. Like these amazing World’s Best Science Teacher Earrings! They’re just so fabulous, and they’ll be sure to rock them out often! Plus they’ll feel amazing wearing them, as if it was a badge of honor.


Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

This Galileo Thermometer is just fantastic! It’s great for the home or for the classroom. This is one of the most colorful and amazing working barometer/thermometer non-computer piece of art that you can find. The different mini colored globes rise and fall when different atmospheric pressures enter into the region. Rain, snow, wind, beautiful weather, this little thing knows it all

periodic table pen

Periodic pen

Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements Pen

This is no ordinary pen! This Periodic Table of elements pen contains mystical powers of the whole table of elements at your very finger tips! Now if your favorite Science Teacher forgot a quick number for the mass of one of the elements, they can quickly pull out their pen and say the number with pure confidence!

Science shirt

I’m Going to Science T-Shirt

This I’m going to science t-shirt says it all! Science Teachers have an amazing sense of humor, and this is going to be at the very top of their list of must have (NEED) shirts to keep in their wardrobe! Trust me when I say that they’re going to wish they could wear it every day! In fact, they will definitely wear it at least once a week. Plus, it’s a great color, so it’ll go great with their favorite pair of jeans, or pajamas.

Paddle boat

Leonardo Da Vinci Paddle Boat

Every Science Teacher is going to absolutely this Da Vinci Paddle Boat. Da Vinci is one of the father’s of modern science and medicine, and this paddle boat shows off the simple mechanics that many ships and boats were designed off of! I love that it’s a simple snap together wooden project that doesn’t require any glue at all to keep it together.

Newton cradle

Wood Grain Newton’s Cradle

Believe it or not, Science Teachers everywhere LOVE Newton’s Cradle! It’s a great way to show the real life workings of potential and kinetic energy, force, perpetual motion, and so much more! It’s definitely a show piece since it’s attached a beautiful piece of polished wood grain to really show off the metal marbles. I used to have one, and I would play with it for hours on end. It’s something that’s so super cool and educational.

chemistry Lunch bag

Chemistry Periodic Table Lunch Bag Tote

Science Teachers of the world will unite to eat lunch together out of this amazing periodic table launch bag! The Teachers will get the biggest kick out of this bag, while showing off their prize possession of elements on it. Like I’ve said before, they have the best humor and truly want to show it off to the world! What other way than to do it over lunch in front of the masses to make everyone smile! (Did you get my pun? Masses? Get it?).

Spice rack

14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

This is probably the most amazing thing that I could ever lay my eyes on. I’m completely in love this chemistry spice rack set, and I’m not even a scientist. It has all of the two letter chemical symbols designed for all of your spices in your house, including oil and vinegar. They’re going to squeal every time they get to concoct a meal in their kitchen!

Do you think a science teacher in your life or your child’s life would like these? When I was teaching science, I would have loved any of them! The spice rack might be my favorite, but I know I would use the lunch box everyday! One of my previous coworkers had the caffeine mug and used it daily. Everybody always got a kick out of seeing him use it!

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  1. pat chance says:

    these are all great – I love the lunch bag – thank you for reminding me Joe has always wanted one of those thermometers and our anniversary is coming up. That barometer thing is pretty cool too.

  2. Oh the lunch bag! My mom has one almost like that, that says “Organ donor”… ha!! But for real, I want that T-shirt! I’m pretty sure my Dad still has the barometer on his desk.

  3. I’ve always wanted to put a fitness tracker on the cradle and see if it will count my steps…..

  4. Jahanzeb Malik says:

    I really liked the periodic table pen it’s an awesome gift for chemistry teacher

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