100 Things About Me


Then and now. This list was originally published on November 13, 2007. I thought it would be fun to update it on my birthday in 2017!

  1. I’m a mom….and I love every minute of it. MOST minutes… I love most minutes. This must be the difference between one kid and four!
  2. I wish I could be a stay-at-home mom. …I am a work-at-home hustlin’ mom.
  3. I’m married to the most wonderful man, ever!… This one stays.
  4. I’m a teacher.…I blog, I do design stuff at my business Krizzy Designs and now I sell LipSense! I sing “Every day I’m Hustlin'” in my head on the daily.
  5. I enjoy living in Georgia…pretty much still true.
  6. I really don’t like shopping (I never find anything good)…also still true.
  7. When I do shop, I am a bargain hunter…yep, true!
  8. I clip coupons for groceries, but often forget to look through them before going…No more clipping. We shop at ALDI and they don’t take them.
  9. I hate thinking about investments. Mr. Serious does it all. I only like no risk savings!…still very true. He makes me think of them more, but still not much.
  10. I like to wear make-up, but I hate taking the time to put it on…still mostly true, but now, I wear my LipSense every day and mascara often.
  11. I’m a t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes kind of girl…still true. Mostly exercise clothes lately.
  12. I only have 2 dresses in my closet…I have more than this now. But, I only wear them like once a week.
  13. I have one sister, but I also have a half-sister, a half-brother and a step-brother…. No other new siblings that I know of.
  14. I don’t like long car trips. I would much rather fly even with the long security lines…We’ve sure tested this. I think I still prefer flying, but the bank account says drive!
  15. However, I hate the security people at the airport. They are never nice and even meaner to people with babies that have a million things to carry…ask my friends about that time I traveled with breast milk. Not good.
  16. I am not a shoe person, either. I love how they look, but hate how they feel…still pretty much true!
  17. I’m a member of an online mommy forum. We’ve been together since we were pregnant….and most of us are still connected since Jan 2006!
  18. We named our daughter while we were in Las Vegas before we knew I was pregnant.…no way that could change.
  19. I enjoy working out and wish I did it more, but not as much as I enjoy spending time with my daughter. Now I workout at least 5 if not 6 times a week, and still spend time with the kiddos.
  20. I love it when my daughter cuddles me...still love cuddles. But, this daughter is harder to cuddle. Shoot. They all are!
  21. I’ve been attending church for over 3 years after a break during college. Still going strong and now helping teach Financial Peace.
  22. I was a good student all through school (although I did talk a lot)…I think I’m the worst student now. I have am very impatient.
  23. I love taking pictures...still like doing it on occasion.
  24. I wish I were better at taking them…also still true. Even more so now.
  25. I have a cat…still have the cat.
  26. I’m not a big fan of dogs (except Allie of course)…still not a fan of dogs. And Allie? I think that was my sister’s ex-boyfriend’s dog.
  27. I like organization, but I wish somebody else would do it for me…not only to do if for me, but to keep me on top of it, too.
  28. I wish I had a maid…that was probably not the best way to phrase it. We now have what we like to call a “cleaning team” that comes and cleans the house for us.
  29. I hate cleaning floors (mopping and sweeping)…our oldest didn’t get this gene. She loves doing it. Me? Still don’t like to.
  30. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I’m not a fan of actually putting the clean clothes up…I’m betting this is universal for most people.
  31. I do enjoy putting my daughter’s clothes up (I’m funny)…totally over this. Like 110%!
  32. I am very sarcastic most of the time…this.is.never.changing.
  33. My hubby doesn’t like my sarcasm…it might be growing on him. Nah. Probably not.
  34. I nursed my daughter for a little over a year…and the second for 8 months, when she stopped on me. The third and fourth for right around 21 months each.
  35. I love to scrapbook…meh. Over that. Have the boxes of supples to show for it.
  36. We have an area in our bonus room dedicated to scrapbooking…I don’t even remember this! So, yeah, that’s gone.
  37. I’ve only done #1’s first week of life in her scrapbook…I got up to like week 6.
  38. I use the family blog as a “baby book” for her….I never bought a real one…and after the second daughter arrived, I stopped doing that blog, too.
  39. I love making homemade cards…like the idea of it, but I can just print them out now.
  40. I don’t mind cooking, it’s the planning that I don’t care for…I’m kind of over the cooking, too. But, I’m teaching the kids and outsourcing to them!
  41. And the cleaning of dishes…still true.
  42. Mr. Serious and I share chores, he does the dishes and I do the laundry…mostly true. He’s good about helping with the laundry, too.
  43. I mowed the lawn (front and back) with a non-self-propelled lawnmower a week before my due date because I was “done” being pregnant…oh the things I did in subsequent pregnancies to be done.
  44. I love TLC and the Discovery Channel…they’ve changed so much. Honestly, I don’t even know if we have those channels.
  45. My favorite show is Myth Busters (I know, I’m a dork!)…I’m still a dork and love that show. But, haven’t watched in ages.
  46. I’m addicted to blogging and reading other people’s blogs…remember Google Reader? Yeah, I would read all of my friends every day. Now, I don’t and so many of them have quit.
  47. I’m learning HTML code as I go…I’ve mastered sooo much of it!
  48. I used to have my belly button pierced. I took it out right after my 12 week OB appointment…I never put it back in, but still have a scar from it.
  49. I have three regular piercings in each ear and one in my cartilage in my left ear…I pretty much only wear the bottom one now.
  50. I don’t have any tattoos…still don’t.
  51. I’ve been certified to teach aerobics for 4 years….I think I did it for about 2 more years and then childcare became an issue.
  52. I love making stuff on Paint Shop Pro even though I’m not that good at it…I ended up taking classes at the local university for Photoshop and learning it.
  53. I have a picture of my hubby and me on my desk from prom (way back in 1999)…it’s not on my desk, but there is one on the wall.
  54. Mr. Serious and I have been together since January 31, 1998….10 years in a couple months…starting date still hasn’t changed. It’s just been 19 years now!
  55. Mr. Serious and I have been married for almost 4 years….14 years this December.
  56. We moved to Atlanta so I could get my PhD in chemistry….still true.
  57. I left Georgia Tech mid-PhD and decided to get my MS in chemistry….yep. MS in chemistry.
  58. I have enough frequent flier miles for a free ticket, but I want to use it to go somewhere other than Houston…not enough miles for a ticket anymore.
  59. I wish I got pedicures more often, but once again, I’m too cheap to do it all the time (think of all the diapers I could buy!!)…then we switched to cloth and still I don’t go get them.
  60. I always end up with the crazy parents during parent-teacher conferences…yep! Their kids never did anything wrong.
  61. Many people would consider me anal-retentive….I think I’ve loosened up some.
  62. I really like math and algebra…still love the math.
  63. 99.9% of the time I use my credit card for purchases….WOW! This one has changed. Now we do cash only. No credit cards here! Started in September 2009 and haven’t looked back.
  64. I have always paid my credit card balance every month….no balances to pay now.
  65. Besides student loans and my house, I am debt free…No more student loans. Only the house remaining and working to pay it off ASAP.
  66. We just bought our first house in June 2007…coming up on 10 years living here this summer.
  67. I liked how my nursing bras fit better than my regular bras….WHAT.WAS.I.THINKING???
  68. I really enjoy a good margarita…still very true!
  69. and I craved them during my pregnancy (but didn’t have one)…and once I had the girls, I didn’t want one for a while.
  70. I love scented candles and don’t really care for the decorative one if they don’t smell…no more candles here, either. Now I just diffuse essential oils.
  71. I have to use unscented soap or else I break out in a rash…I can use some now.
  72. I learned the hard way that you can’t get lime juice on your hand and then go in the sun (without getting huge, painful blisters)…thankfully, I haven’t done that again!
  73. I used to hate avocados, but now I love them….Yum! Avocados!!!!
  74. I don’t like olives of any kind. They all taste like plastic to me…Yes, plastic! STILL. GROSS!
  75. I’ve never owned a brand new car…still true.
  76. I’ve had the tailpipe or muffler break on all of my previous cars…it hasn’t happened to another car. But, that’s not the best of luck!
  77. I hardly ever had cash on me...now that we are cash only, I usually have some on me.
  78. We don’t have a babysitter, but we have awesome friends and family that have allowed us to go on a couple dates...now we have a few sitters and parent’s night out.
  79. I had a pacifier until I was 3. Apparently, I spoke very well with it in…so did my oldest two girls!
  80. I used to barefoot ski, and slalom water ski every weekend…true!
  81. I was pretty good at fishing, too…true!
  82. People ask if my sister and I are twins…nobody has asked that one in a while.
  83. People ask if my mother and I are sisters…this has been asked far too recently for my comfort!
  84. I had the first great-grand-baby and grand-baby on all sides of both of our families…had the first, but not the last!
  85. I really enjoy just staying home and hanging out…I like to get out more now!
  86. I really don’t like History or English classes…pulling teeth! PULLING TEETH! All of the nope!
  87. I’m a gadget person. I have a PDA and an MP3 player, but I never use the PDA and the MP3 player’s battery is dead….ha! MP3 player! That’s hilarious. Now I have a little music on my phone and on amazon music.
  88. I bring my lunch almost every day to work….I did for the longest and now I eat left-overs for lunch most days at home.
  89. I’m not a big soda drinker, but when I do, I prefer a root beer (non-caffeinated)…yum. Root beer is so good!
  90. Caffeine gives me the jitters really bad…still true. No coffee in the morning for me. When I say I go to a coffee place, I’m getting something with a ton of almond milk in it.
  91. I just recently got a ticket for “improper use of the center lane.”…Ugh, that was annoying.
  92. I always wear my seat belt (I don’t understand people that don’t)…YES! So important.
  93. I have no tolerance for people who drink and then drive...it’s not worth the risk. And with uber and lyft, it’s so easy to get a safe ride home.
  94. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, EVER!…still true.
  95. I’ve never done drugs, EVER!…still true!
  96. I hate how pain killers make me feel…still true. Even when the tried to push them on me after giving birth.
  97. Sometimes, I really like my hand writing, and sometimes I hate it…I write so infrequently lately that it’s pretty terrible.
  98. I wish I could fix the gap in my front teeth…I think I’ve finally come to love it.
  99. I don’t like analogies….still don’t. Mr. Serious gets to help when those come home for homework.
  100. I never acquired a taste for coffee or beer….Still true.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny…I majored in History, minored in English and now teach lang. arts. We truly are opposite, but I couldn’t have a better sister! EVER!!!

  3. 55 is different, for sure! 🙂 I climbed Kennesaw Mountain pregnant because I was done, too.

  4. You’ve got to update this. I notice so many different things about you in 2014.

    1. I think you meant 2017…but maybe you meant 2014…but yeah, that year was even different, too. I thought it was fun. Like the one about credit cards. I will have to update it…maybe tonight:)

  5. I double checked all 100. You are the best! Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, Mitch! OMGoodness..look at how little your son is in that picture!

      1. And he will soon be taller than your hubby!

  6. Pat Chance says:

    i think everyone should compile a list like this and look back at 10 years later.

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