2 girls flying WAY too high in the sky


The fair.  It comes every year.  Different rides, but still the same emotions.

Cotton candy?  Check.

Homemade skin- french fries?  Check.

22 ride tickets spent in about 30 minutes?  Check.

It’s crazy to be able to look back and compare over the years.  In 2008, when #1 was almost two and I was VERY pregnant with #2.

Then, in 2009, it’s eerily similar to this year.  Except now, I have two girls WAY too high up in the sky.  With no grown up with them.

bumble bee at the fair

Do they even know how much I love them?  And, how they are really high up there with just a little seat belt?

high in the sky

Fortunately for my new found terror of ferris wheels, it wasn’t up this year.  But, that did mean that I didn’t get that perfectly timed shot, either.

There were a lot of other good opportunities.  Like big sis strangling little sis with a hug..but still being cute.

sister hugs

And, daddy getting to ride on the carousel with the little because she’s not quite tall enough to ride on her own.

daddy and #2

And, big getting on her horse all by herself.  No help needed.  Stop the growing now (she knows it’s only 10 days to birthday number 5).


And, ick.  They really wanted to go on the sit and puke…I mean the tea-cup like ride (with some very fancy tape holding the padding on).  I couldn’t even watch them spin.  Fortunately, most of their spinning was done before the ride also started spinning.  But, poor #2 got off and walked in a curved line and almost fell over.  Dizzy much?

sit and puke

And, the ride that finished off the tickets?  A nice little dragon ride that was totally broken and didn’t go up and down…yet, can you tell from these faces?  Nope.

dragon tails

Then, we hit up the petting zoo and called it a day.

It always works out…every year, the day we pick to go to the fair it’s always perfect.  A nice fall chill in the air, but beautiful and sunny and bright!

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  1. Mr Serious says:

    It was a great fair this year!

  2. They look like they had a great time! I remember having so much fun at the fair as a kid….as an adult I have no desire to go at all.

  3. grandma Pat says:

    They are so cute and getting big. Can’t wati to see you all in a few days.

  4. What a great day at the fair! Love all the sister pictures…they are too sweet to each other!

  5. Look how cute! I think we’re going to skip the fair this year-I’m the only one to ride with Evan(my husband doesn’t like rides) and I’m pregnant. Next year Isabella will be into it too.

    1. Oh, she’ll dig it. N enjoyed some of the tinier rides last year.

  6. How adorable! They look like the are having a blast. I wonder how much of it they will remember when they are older… When I was that age we went to Disney almost every year and I only remember the hotel pool! What a bummer. My parents at least have the memories. Now I’m reliving it all by going with Chris, we are Disney nuts (planning a Hawaii Disney cruise for our honeymoon lol).

    1. I hope they remember it! They talked about last year this year:)

      We haven’t done Disney. We’ll probably wait until the youngest is at least 5!

  7. why oh why do those silly rides seem so high when they are holding our littles??

    looks like the perfect day friend!

  8. Is it normal I’m scared of carnivals, so even though I knew everything was okay, I still read this post with trepidation?


    Good to know.

    1. I’m not thrilled with them, either!

      I’m not scared, but it’s not really my thing.

  9. And just think! Next year at this time, you will have another precious girl to take to the fair!!!

  10. Unfortunately, each sibling gets more and more bold the younger they are… it’s scary, for me!

  11. It sounds so perfect, and I’m like you. I don’t want anything to do with those spinning rides. YUCK!

  12. We love the fair! My oldest daughter’s birthday is mid September, so we go to the fair to celebrate. I’m picking up our tickets today, we bite the bullet and pay for the wristbands so they can ride everything. I still have a hard time watching them on some rides, they make me so nervous!

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