Mommy and Me Monday | The 90th ed. | 26 week belly bump


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

This time change thing has really thrown a wrench in our schedule. Two certain cute little girls have been up at 5:30am the past two mornings, resulting in mommy going to bed at 9:30 last night!

But, a certain cute little peanut baby sleeps when I do (okay, not really, but I can sleep through her being awake), so she gets to be featured again in Mommy and Me Monday.  And, what better way to display her than in my I {heart} pickles shirt (which is quite true and I find it a little comical).  The girls love to yell out “hey mommy, you are wearing your ‘pickle’ shirt!”  Here’s the bump at 26 weeks, although, it’s really hard to see the bump.  This shirt is slimming, no?

i heart pickles | 2chix review

Okay, here’s headless and flashless, but you can see the bump a little better!

i heart pickles

(Note to self, when using the tripod and flash to take a picture, put on a little make-up….your readers will thank you!)

In seriousness, I wore this shirt a couple weeks ago when we went and saw Disney on Ice and so many people told me how good I looked.  I attributed it to this shirt.  It just fits so well (which is crazy because it is one size fits all…that almost never works with me, but it worked this time).  I’d even go so far as to say it makes me feel sexy!  If you are looking for a great maternity shirt for yourself or a gift, check out the ladies at 2chix, I bet you’ll find something for everybody (some of them are quite hilarious).

i heart pickles | 2chix review


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I received this shirt to facilitate my review.  No other compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. You really do look great in that shirt! I’d considering checking them out, but my fingers are crossed that this baby will be out before the shirt could ship… any day now would be great! haha

    1. Why, thank you! I just have to figure out how to wear it now that it’s getting colder here.

  2. The shirt is really cute!! But you are really cuter!!

    (You could probably wear a potato sack and look cute though.)

    1. I now know who to come to when I’m having a bad day! Thank you:)

  3. You look fantastic! By 26 weeks with both girls I think my backside “bump” had quadrupled in size requiring a lot more dresses to be worn from that point on!

    1. Trust me, it’s either the lighting or the shirt…this baby’s got some serious back here!

  4. Hey Krystyn! So glad you like the i heart pickles tee!! You look adorable in it. But…is it mean to hate you just a teeeeeny bit for looking so trim and fit at 26 weeks preggo with ummm, your THIRD baby? I was that big right after peeing on the stick with my third. xoxo’s…natasha from 2 chix 😉

    1. Natasha…seriously, it’s either the shirt or the jeans or the lighting, because I’m not feeling trim or tiny! But, thank you for saying it (excuse me while I go find a cookie!)

  5. love the belly pic. love pickles. love the shirt.

    not so much love for the time change.

    boo hiss!

    1. It’s been a week, and I still don’t think we’ve adjusted (says the pre-6:00am wake up this morning)!

    1. It gets a ton of comments when I wear it, too! It’s pretty funny.

  6. i think i need more dark shirts too to hide all those “bumps”! :-)))

    1. The list stays up for a while! But, I didn’t see your link on there:(

      And, seriously, pickles…yum!

  7. Hello! Maybe its the whole triplet pregnancy but you look so tiny!!! 🙂 I was beginning to worry about you cuz you didn’t post mommy and me yesterday 🙂 wishing you a looong and healthy pregnancy.

    1. I imagine I would look a little different then a triplet pregnancy:)

      Sorry for worrying you..I was just exhausted. I now have a full blown cold, so at least I know why I was so tired!

  8. You look awesome!!! And that shirt is SO darn cute!!!!!

  9. You look absolutey fabulous! Love the tee shirt! Looks great on you! 🙂

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