$5+ Holiday Gifts at ALDI (with other shopping options)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that also means a wonderful time to give gifts to teachers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, mail personnel, garbage collectors…the list seems to go on and on, and grow every year. By the time you read this post, you are sure to be inspired and ready to go shopping for holiday gifts with all of these $5+ holiday gifts at ALDI. (Also, all gifts were purchased with no incentive….just big fans of ALDI and useful gifts!)

5 gift ideas at aldi and more

ALDI has affordable gifts for everyone on your list! You will want to run to ALDI as soon as possible because these great gifts are literally flying off the shelves. Just to put it in to perspective I went to ALDI Friday and their holiday aisle was full of items, and when I went back to grab a few things the following week (a mere 5 days later) they were sold out of countless items and the holiday aisle was about 1/3 full. Once the good stuff is gone, it is gone.

Gf treat wine and glasses

Trust me, go today! Plus, isn’t it nice to have your holiday shopping done well in advance so when the last minute ‘Mommy, what about my swim instructor? Where is her gift?’ comes you can easily grab a great gift from your collection and be stress free. Yes, you will want to grab extras as there will ALWAYS be another person to add to the list. 

$5 holiday gifts

Candy Jar

These are great for co-workers or teachers. I love that the candy jar can be reused after the candy is finished. The candy is delicious, too! If they don’t have this specific holiday blend, they have a different jar of hard candies year round. 

holiday berries hard candy aldi

The label is easy to remove and replace with something more personal. If you do not have a silhouette or cricut I suggest shopping small and posting in your favorite Facebook group and someone very close to you will make you personalized stickers at a great price! 

Candy jar

Loungewear Socks

Make sure to grab yourself a set of these socks. They keep your feet warm but not overly hot. I am very particular about my feet not getting hot, and even living in Texas, my feet do not sweat in these socks! The rubber grips on the bottom are great because it makes them slip resistant.

socks at aldi

You can separate the pairs to keep the gift under $5 and simply roll them up and tie them with a ribbon. 


Cookie baking set

This cookie baking set is so fun to gift during the holidays because it will keep kids busy during the winter break. Your parent friends will love you!

cookie mix

And add on some sprinkles or icing. 

baking set at aldi

Go ahead and grab some to bake with your kids as well. I love that it is shelf stable and is a fun activity that requires math (isn’t it great that cooking and baking allow kids to use their math skills in a fun way?) and creativity. Hooray for STEM and baking combined.

Cookie mix and sprinkles and icing

Brownie mix

What smells better than baking cookies? Just ask Elsa and Anna ‘Mmmmmm chocolate!’ Brownies are so easy and fun to make and gift. Or, grab one of the most perfect size kitchen gadgets from ALDI and gift a box of brownies. Everyone loves to have a box on hand for the party that party you forgot about last minute, or to throw in the oven when guests are over. Again, another fun thing for kids to help with. 

Brownies and spatula

Soup mugs + soup or brownies 

These ceramic soup mugs were such a hit with the elementary teachers last year I was so gad to see ALDI bring them back. Make sure to include a spoon, and maybe a snack stack of crackers because most recipients will eat this the day you give it to them. 

Mug and soup and brownie mix

This is great for PE teachers, coaches and specials teachers. If you want to make it sweet swap the soup for a brownie or cake in a cup mix

soup plus soup mug

$10 holiday gifts

What’s not to love about this wrap? It’s soft, comes in great winter colors and is oh so snuggly. It is perfect to keep at home, at your desk, in your classroom or even in your car! This was the last box they had at my ALDI so I hope you can still find this at your closest store. 

ALDI cozy wraps

Wine and wine glasses

This wine is delicious and pretty. I grabbed a two pack of wine glasses and two bottles of wine to gift friends during our annual girls dinner gift exchange.  

aldi wine

Wine is a great hostess gift, friend gift or gift to keep in your car when you show up to a play date and the other parent hands you a gift. ‘Oh, I left yours in the car let me go grab it!’ Phew, saved by the wine and cute wine glass.

wine glasses

You can always gift the wine on its own. ALDI has a great selection at crazy good prices. They even have a few bubbly options that would pair great with orange juice for Christmas morning mimosas so make sure you stock your house while you’re there. 

Socks and mug

The socks are back again…but they pair so well with a box of brownie mix and mini utensil. Or a pair of socks and a soup mug and can of soup (that will be closer to $10.50 but they do have smaller cans of soup that cost less). A pair of socks also goes great with the soup mug and one pack of the brownie in a mug mix. Grab some clear bags and ribbon from the dollar store, wrap it up all cute and BOOM give a gift that warms the heart and body!

Socks and gift card or candles

Yes, I love these socks. You really need to get a set for yourself. A pair rolled and tied with a ribbon and a $5 Starbucks gift card also make a great gift. So does a pair of socks and a candle. Get in your car right now and go to ALDI if you want their $4 3-wick holiday candles. I couldn’t even get a picture because they were completely sold out in a few days. I was told they should get more in stock the employee did not know if they would be holiday scented or not. (Update…found some!)

3 wick candles aldi

Soup mug plus brownies and soup

The soup mug, soup and brownie (or cake) in a mug is basically a full meal for under $10, and the mug can be used over and over and over again. The lid is great to allow meals to be packed at home and transported easily to work. Also, it keeps the microwave clean! Thank you very much, ALDI! Again, this is a great gift for all coworkers, or the not so frilly recipient. 

Soup mug and brownie mix

Etch glass dish with last name + brownie mix

If you are feeling really crafty, you can use a glass etching dish to etch the recipients first or last name into a glass baking dish. Then add an oven mitt, spatula and or brownies for a gift for the baker in your life. 

Glass baking dish set at aldi

$15 holiday gifts

Can you tell I love these socks? And so will your recipients! So, I’ve brought them back again, this time keep them as a set and add a brownie mix and mini kitchen gadget.

kitchen gadget

Brownies and more

The specialty brownie mix is under $2! Or the sock set and a candle. How about the sock set and a $5 gift card. Or the sock set and the chocolate covered almonds. Maybe try the sock set and a cookie mix and writing icing. Buy the socks! You need them and everyone you know needs them in their life this holiday season!

Potholder and mixes

Get in the kitchen

Gifting someone that loves to bake? These apron and oven mitt sets are available in festive holiday designs, or more traditional to be used all year long. I love pairing these with the cookie mix, icing and sprinkles OR with he brownies and a mini kitchen gadget. 

Ovenmitt brownie spatula

Wine + chocolate almonds and / or wine glass

I love this for a hostess gift! The wine pairs so well with the chocolate covered almonds OR with the festive wine glasses. 

Wine wine glasses and chocolate

Allergy-friendly gift ideas

Need an allergy friendly gift? ALDI has a huge variety of tasty snacks that fit most dietary restrictions. Pair the gluten free pretzels with wine and you will make the perfect gluten free, diary free gift to give. 

Allergy friendly gift ideas

Or go the wine and snack route like these gluten-free protein bite mixes (if you are really feeling crafty, you could make your own gluten-free bites, too). 

Gf treat and wine

Soup mug and more

The soup mug can be scaled up to make a more hearty gift by adding the soup, brownie in a mug, cake in a mug and a sleeve of crackers. Don’t forget to add a disposable utensil set so the soup and dessert in a mug can be devoured that very day during lunch!

$20 holiday gifts

I chose this red wine because I like the pretty bottle and it is a delicious wine. It pairs well with the wine glasses and chocolate covered almonds. You can also pair it with the cozy lounge wrap and a wine glass and you’ll be right at $20 for a fantastic gift. They have other wine that is in the $5-6 range that I am sure is just as delicious. 

Brownies spatula wine chocolate

You knew it was coming….gift the sock set with a bottle of wine! Basically gift everyone these socks. Especially yourself. Just put them in your stocking and they can be from Santa. 

Wine and wrap

The $20 range really allows you to be creative and put together something really useful and nice. I suggest starting with a base gift and building around it. For example, start with the cozy lounge wrap. Depending on the recipient you can add a mini kitchen gadget, box of specialty brownie mix and chocolate covered almonds. You can make the sock set the base of your gift (Duh, that’s what I will be doing!) and add the cookie mix, icing and sprinkles to it.  

Cookies sprinkles spatula mitt

ALDI has gifts to fit every budget and variety that allows you to put together individualized gifts based on each recipient. They do only get a small amount of the holiday items at each store so the sooner you go the better your chances of getting the sock sets, I mean gifts you want to give. 

Of course, you can shop other places, too, but ALDI really has a great variety at great price points. If you can’t find some of these at ALDI, check out Sam’s Club or Costco to buy them in bulk and separate them out, or head to amazon and get several of them. If you are like me, you have quite a few teachers, friends and family you’d like to shop for and buying in bulk helps!

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  1. Good tip on saving for unexpected gifts!! Last year a scout friend caught me by surprise!!

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