Happy First Half Birthday, Sweet E


Wow. That was fast. It’s already been 6 months. I know I say it a lot, but it feels like you just joined our family, and it feels like you’ve been here forever. I think you’ve always been in our hearts, maybe that’s why?

It’s been quite the monumental month. You’ve started eating real food. Straight to the green bean you went! You’ve also had some purees, too. You are having a hard picking up food and getting it to your mouth in smaller pieces. And, well dinner isn’t always bigger pieces. Mommy decided instead of following rules of one way or the other, we are going to do what works for us and for you. After all of that grunting and then helping you get the spoon full of yogurt in your mouth, you were much happier. So, a little more work for a while but we are going to mix things together and make you and your tummy happy!

6 months of E

On July 26th, I noticed your first tooth. Seriously? How could you already have one? Days later the second one popped up. You used to give me the sweetest kisses aka suck on my face, then you stopped. Well, you did it the other day, and I quickly realized that couldn’t go on. Ouch!

You grab your toys, you can sit for a short while on your own and even reach for toys further away from you. I don’t remember the last time you went in the swing.

You love your sisters and they love you. They think it’s hilarious when you grab their hair and pull it. Coincidentally, you think it’s pretty funny, too.

You are one happy baby. Even when you get tired, you just let me know you want me to pick you up with a couple squeaks and you are good to go. You are also a chatter box too. You put your tongue on your teeth and make all sorts of consonant noise. I could really eat you up. This is really when the fun stages kick in. You are away more, have personality, and can’t go anywhere to get into trouble!

6 months of E

It’s amazing how quickly you change and grow. And yet, your features are so similar to what you were in mommy’s tummy just a couple months ago. I tried to get the same shot of you, but you are just like your sisters (and me) and have your own ideas. So, I went for two for one. 

6 months of E 6 months of E

babyetch has done something really cool. They took your 3D ultrasound picture and etched it into this cool crystal light. I look at it and I see you, just a little smaller. You still like to have your feet by your head. And, sure enough your toes look just like daddy’s, as predicted. You still have that cute little nose and you have that hair, too! I didn’t think you could possibly be born  with hair.

The LED lights are super bright and really take me back to the ultrasound room with daddy and your sisters. It has me remembering watching you move around, and stick out your tongue (now you do it when you are eating). Your sisters like looking at it too because it reminds them of the time you were in my belly. It’s just really special because I don’t have the ultrasound images displayed but this is a really unique way of having it out.

Baby Etch Review

Right now, mommy has this in her room so I can look at it, but I’m thinking you will be getting it soon as a night light. I know it’s really for me, but I think it will be special to show to you when you are a little older!

Happy first half birthday! So excited to see what the next half holds.

Weight: 16lbs, 10oz
Length: 26.5 in

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months-ish

1 month

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  1. six months. two years. six years.

    why does it all have to go so darn fast?!?

    she’s adorable. seriously adorable.

    happy six months sweet girl!!

  2. Happy 6 month birthday. Mine just turned a year and I can’t believe that he is that old. I miss the baby but at the same time love seeing his personality come out. What a sweet little girl 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, it happens so quickly..but one sure is fun, too!

  3. I reallg enjoy reading your updates about your little lady. She is so pretty and precious. The ultrasound picture is so cool!!! She will love seeing that when she is older and reading about how much her mommy adores her. Happy Half Birthday E!!!

    1. Thanks, Katherine. I hope she does. I think she will because her older sisters sure love it.

  4. Happy 6 months! My son’s first tooth popped in right at 6 months almost to the day! It’s exciting but be ready for the biting to begin! Ohhhh and I love that pillow!

    1. No bitting yet…except my cheek. Hopefully, she’s like her oldest sister and isn’t much of a biter:)

      Oh, and the pillow is from Three Lil Stitches.

  5. Happy Half Birthday Evelyn!!!! Purple is definitely your color! You gave your mommy some great smiles for pictures! Miss you like crazy…every.sinlge.day!

    1. You know..when we bought the house, that room was actually purple:)

      Come visit!

  6. Mr. Serious says:

    Awesome post. She is a “sweetie Evelyn” just like Natalie says.

  7. Wow..time does fly by! Love those pictures of her….so beautiful! Happy 6 months!

  8. Love that pillow! Happy 6 months to your sweet baby!

  9. Sandy VanHoey says:

    He is absolutely adorable. Such a cute baby. They do grow up SO fast. It’ll seem like tomorrow, he’ll be graduating. These days, time is going b y much faster it seems to me so enjoy each and every moment.

    1. Sandy VanHoey says:

      my reply screwed up I see and i put he instead of she. So sorry…she is precious and you could enter her in a cutest baby contest

  10. Lily Ivey says:

    This is a beautiful post for a beautiful baby. My youngest just turned 1 this week! Seriously? Where does the time go? Too fast for sure.

  11. Britni Bradford says:

    What sweet pictures. Happy half birthday little one!

  12. The babyetch is very cool.

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