A little end of “summer” celebration #cocobreve


The end of “summer” comes early when your kids start school August 13th. So, it’s already time to close the book on it. Trips are done, school supply shopping is done and it’s back to the grind.

Right before that, we got together for a little end of summer celebration. Some good food, good friends and hanging out. Of course there was delicious food; smoked chicken and pork butts (just the butts of the pork, no chicken butts), beans, cole slaw, and salad. Classic Georgia BBQ. Oh, and potato chips. Because nothing is good without them. 

Of course, those pictures are all in my head. Having three kids to make sure they are all safe keeps my sense on their toes (does that even make sense)?

Mr. Serious did get a couple shots of the ladies having a Coco Breve moment. And, well, the lighting in this one just came out way too cool. Wait. I took this one. No credit to Mr. Serious for this one.

BBQ with friends and #cocobreve

The cool bottles are the first thing people notice with the fun, tattooed design effect. 


Then people ask if they are adult beverages. Yes, yes they are. And, quite “adult” with 4.2 percent alcohol.


What makes them different is that they are a sparkling malt beverage made from all-natural coconut water with only 130 calories! Yes, it’s more like the calories in a light beer.

They come in both Mango Citrus and Kiwi Lime. None of us could immediately decide our favorite flavor. It seemed to depend on the temperature.

They were described as “refreshing” “strong” and “yummy!” And, while the women were nice to pose for the pictures, there have been some men that may or may not have had one and enjoyed it as well.

Coco Breve has made it’s debut in “high-end natural and mainstream grocery stores!” But, is expected to be released more widespread shortly.

Yes, they go well with BBQ! And, chocolate ganache cake, with a friend, too.


I’m part of the Coco Breve community and they provided product for me and friends to sample.

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  1. Can’t ask for better than 130 calories! It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Those drinks look so refreshing….*putting it on my grocery list*

    1. They are good and refreshing, and with so few calories, I don’t feel as guilty about it.

  3. They look so yum! Where would I find them to try myself?

    1. They are! You can go to their website and put in your info to search for the store closest to you.

    1. Yes, you should. they are quite tasty…and one seems to go a long way.

  4. Those flavors sound great. I’ve been trying to skip the margarita when we eat Tex Mex, but I miss a little treat occasionally. Nice to know there is an alternative.

    1. Yes, a good alternative…but skipping the margarita? Oh, hurts my heart a little…I love a good one.

  5. uhm i have never heard of this…but i think i need a pack asap!!


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