A lunch date


Our girls date was tons of fun. In addition to the potty dance, we also dined at the mall and rode on the “horsies” aka the carousel.

Since it was a special date, she got to pick what she wanted for lunch.  She chose a hot dog.

“You cut it up momma.  Want it with bread.  Want milk, too, mommy.”

So, she had her hot dog.  Cut up.  With bread (that she ate separate).

Lunch with my girl

I saw a place to get sushi.  They were making it by hand and it looked clean and fresh.  I went for it (of course, it was only california rolls, so no raw stuff).  And, the edamame.  Yum.

Lunch with my girl

Somebody had other plans, however.  She hardly ended up eating any of her hot dog.  Cut up. With bread.  Instead “want the beans, mommy.  I have the beans.”

So, mommy just had sushi, and the little stinker ate almost all of my edamame.  It’s a good thing she’s cute.

lunch with my girl


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  1. what fun! I love how cute she talks 🙂
    Sushi? I wish we had a delicious fresh place for sushi around here. that looks so good!

    1. I should have her do the “dilect” vlog (which I keep wanting to do, but let my pride and humility get in the way). But, she really does talk like that.

      We have a lot of yummy places. Heck, some of our grocery stores even make it in store! You’ll have to come to the ATL to get some!

  2. That sounds like a fun time! It always helps that they’re cute when they do stuff like that….

  3. Awesome that she wanted to eat them, I’m guessing there are a lot of kids out there that wouldn’t touch edamame!

    1. We are very lucky our kids like vegetables, etc (although, I think edamame is a legume…who knows). They love green beans and one loves broccoli on Tuesdays (I kid, but sometimes she loves it, sometimes, she hates it)!

  4. That always happens to me, which is why I usually just end up ordering a la carte items for the boys, grrr… lucky she is adorable though 🙂

    1. They are pretty good at restaurants about eating what they get.

      I knew she was going to want some of my edamame, but I thought she’d eat some of the hot dog, too!

  5. I would have done the exact same thing and given her the beans. LOL

    1. Don’t I know you would have:) What us moms won’t do?

    1. I guess she would have been in good company! But, she did pick the hot dog!

  6. My kids love edemame too! Glad you had a fun date with your little one.

    1. I remember Iz chowing down on it at her first birthday. These girls love “the beans!” It was nice to have that one on one time.

  7. LOL At least she left your California rolls alone!

    1. She actually had a bite, (didn’t spit it out) and didn’t request more. Parent win-win. Adventurous enough to try new foods and not spit them out; but aware of not liking new things and being okay with it. Especially if it’s mommy’s!

  8. mommy daughter dates are the best!!

    i really want sushi now and edamame and a very chilled bottle of water!! mmm.

    dynamite rolls are my fave. still no raw, just pure deliciousness.

    also – your daughter is too cute!!

    1. I’ll have to check out these dynamite rolls. I bet they are tasty!

      Something about that super cold water, right?

      Thanks…most of the time we think so, too.

  9. What a wonderful lunch date and a beautiful companion.
    The edamame was definitely much better for her than the hotdog anyway. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous day!

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