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Sunday, the family and I played a little hookie from church and took a day trip to Amicalola Falls State Park. We needed a little family time and found that the 1.5 hour trip would be perfect for us.

We got there and stopped at the visitor’s center to get a map (it’s also at the bottom of the post to help with explanations) and a quick lay of the land.

We decided we would park at the parking lot for the West Ridge Fallls access (labelled A) and walk 0.3 miles on a rubber paved path to the middle of the falls (B). We definitely weren’t disappointed with the view.

Amicalola Falls State Park

A nice lady offered to get a family shot for us in front of the falls. The weather was perfect and the cool mist coming off the falls felt nice and refreshing.

B, bunny and I had to get a selfie, too. Bunny actually had some surgery this week because his ear fell off?!?

From the main platform, there were more stairs so we decided to head down further (I think this is C on the map). We went down to a sign that said it was 125 steps back up.

Amicalola Falls State Park

Further towards the bottom.

Where there was quite the view!

We then walked back up those 125 steps and walked to the car. We could have taken the 400+ stairs up the West Ridge stair case, but decided that the girls might not make it. Not only was it a lot of steps, it was very steep, too. So, we drove to park (D) at the top of the falls and had a nice picnic lunch we had packed. Once we cleaned up, we walked over to the top of the falls (E). Looking over the edge of the platform is a little intimidating!

Amicalola Falls State Park

The girls, however really enjoyed it! There was a great view of the mountains from there as well.

Amicalola Falls State Park

We had a quick drive over to the Amicalola Falls Lodge and Restaurant (F) hoping to catch a snake show, but we missed it. The lodge has a great view of the mountains and a row of rocking chairs. There is a epic map on the wall that spans several stories and shows the entire Appalachian Trail.

Our last stop was the Reflection Pool (G) where the falls sort of come to an end and pool up with a small lake. There were people fishing and catching fish!

The distance was perfect from our house…the length of most Disney movies there and back and it was great to get some fresh air and exercise and spend some time together with the family to slow down.

*Nobody paid us to go or write this. Just sharing our fun.

What were you up to this weekend?

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  1. Okay I’m totally adding this to the list of things we must do this summer. I can’t wait to share my mommy and me tomorrow. We came back from Woodbine Georgia yesterday.

    1. Definitely add it to your list! It’s a great day trip!

  2. Mr. Serious says:

    Great post! Love the video

  3. pat chance says:

    great video – we have to visit this park when we are visiting you some time

    1. You just have to come and visit and we’ll make it happen!

  4. We love these falls. We go up and eat at the Lodge a lot when we are out visiting Burts each year.

    1. We looked at the Lodge and the Sunday brunch was super pricey. Maybe next time we will be more prepared, but the picnic totally worked.

  5. Looks like a fun way to spend the day! Sometimes we all need a little getaway for family time. And I’m impressed the older girls did all of those steps – what a work out!

  6. What a fun family outing! And SO pretty. Reminds me of California. I think mountains (or land that isn’t completely flat) is at least 3 hours away. Boo.

  7. Wow. That is absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing place.
    And that second family photo is perfect!

  8. If I ever finally do make it down there again. I want you to take me to this park. I love waterfalls.

  9. Deborah Curran says:

    what beautiful pictures. I don’t often take pictures with me on it but years afterwards I find it sad that I’m not on them

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