Babymoon to Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia


We had family in town last week, so we decided that we would go on a get-away for one night, just the two of us. Yes, we were bad. They flew in Wednesday night, and Thursday morning by 10am, we were out the door. We headed up to the Blue Ridge Mountains, just one and a half hours from home.

We decided on a bed and breakfast that was fabulous. It only had 4 rooms that were beautiful. It was very secluded and quiet. The owners were super nice and wanted to make sure we had everything we needed. There was even a bottomless cookie jar. And, gasp, they had free wireless internet and I didn’t even bring the computer. I did go through some withdrawals.

The room we stayed in was amazing; king sized bed, eating area, and jacuzzi. Not tot mention the wonderful mountain view from our room. Let’s just say we had a great time.

The very comfortable bed. Thursday night we went out to a restaurant on the lake. We both ate way too much (hey we forget what it’s like to not have to rush through dinner). We came back and laid down for a bit, and both passed out!! And, we wanted to go look at the stars, but we didn’t make it.

Dining for two?
The jacuzzi tub. This was soooo relaxing. The air jets blowing, and some bubble bath….very nice.

Friday morning (Happy 4th of July), we woke up super early because we went to bed so early. We decided to walk around the house and take some pictures of their beautiful gardens before breakfast. Of course, I have no idea what these flowers are, but they sure are pretty. And, I’m super impressed with my camera’s abilities so far!

Obviously, not flowers, but a unique design.

A bee just happened to start flying around while I was trying to capture this flower. Just a little bit faster shutter, and I’m sure the bee would have looked like he was floating.

A finch.

After one of the most delicious breakfasts I’ve ever had…patriotic french toast, with blue berries and strawberries, we headed back into downtown Blue Ridge for a little shopping.

The train was at the station, so we snapped some pictures. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anybody around to
take our picture, so you get one of each of us!
Man, do I look pregnant now? Somebody actually asked me (for the first time) when I was due. This would have been 25 weeks and 1 day.

There was a scenic overlook on the way home, so we stopped. However, we were quite disappointed because I had to stand on the bumper of the car to see anything. But, these are the mountains…the Appalachian Mountains to be exact.We had a great time, and promised ourselves that we would make another trip up there (who knows how far into the future that will be, but we did it)!!!

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  1. Pics are awesome. So glad you guys had a great time.

  2. Wow..those are some great pictures! You are not bad for leaving as soon as they got there..I’m sure they were glad to have Izzy all to themselves! 😉 Looks like you both enjoyed yourselves! Your lil belly looks so cute!

  3. wow honey such fun!! there is nothing better than a than b&b; time with the hubby 🙂

    glad you guys had such a great time!

    btw, the belly is adorable 🙂

  4. OOOO how sweet! That is so great that you got to get away together!
    YOUR Camera does rock! I am even loving IT! LOL Great GREAT PICTURES!

  5. Great pictures! What a wonderful getaway for you guys! I’m so jealous. I wanted to hop in that big tub and sleep in that big bed. Pretty flower pics and everything. I’m sooo envious!!

  6. how great you guys were able to get away for another babymoon! those are the best. looks like a great time with lots of yummy food! you look so cute with your belly..aww!

  7. Those are some AWESOME pics Krystyn. Do tell what kind of camera you are using if you don’t mind.

    Great picture of you by the train too, and you barely look pregnant. I think you look FABULOUS if I do say so!

    Glad to hear you had such a great time. Much deserved!

  8. That is a breathtaking view! What a great idea – a babymoon. I’m glad you guys got some needed alone time.

    Those are great flower pictures! The improvement is amazing!

  9. How fun!! What a great little getaway…and I am a HUGE fan of the mountains! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

  10. How fun!! What a great little getaway…and I am a HUGE fan of the mountains! I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

  11. You look great. And I love those photos of the flowers. You did a great job taking them. Glad to hear you had a wonderful 4th. Have a good week.

  12. I love B & B’s too. My friends think it is weird…like you are staying in someone else’s house. It looks like you had a great weekend together!!

  13. Sounds perfect!!!

    Glad to hear you had a great get-away…much deserved.

  14. Looks like you had a great babymoon! You look wonderful, I was that size at 12 weeks!

  15. The Gerster Family says:

    I love the pictures. Your trip looks so dreamy! A night away with your love…nothing compares! Thanks for sharing!

  16. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    What a lovely vacation Krystyn. Of all the shots, the coneflower is my favorite. The focus is dead on and the bokeh is beautiful!

    Although Matt looking p*ssy is equally as award winning! 🙂

  17. We love the Blue Ridge Mountains… Grew up close to there, and had a lakefront condo on Blue Ridge Lake, where we used to ski, swim and enjoy the views. Really a peaceful and wonderful place.

    We also love Whitestone Inn, in Paint Rock, TN. A little over an hour from Chattanooga, near Athens, TN.
    They have wonderful rooms, with heated indoor jacuzzi, spa showers (the ones with waterfalls, a bunch of jets, etc. that flow water at 80gpm)… beautiful views of Watts Bar Lake and the mountains…

    Thanks for sharing the pics – made me homesick!


  18. Oh how nice… I love B&Bs;!! That breakfast sounds great and your flower pics are beautiful!!

  19. FUN!!!! I’m so glad you got to get away and have some fun!

  20. Wow, that looks amazing! I so want to go to a B&B; now 🙂

    Happy POW!

  21. Sounds like a wonderful and beautiful weekend!!

    Yay for being able to get away!

  22. Someone thought you were DUE?!? You barely look pregnant to me!!

    happy pow!! looks like a fabu getaway!

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