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Do you ever have a moment when you remember something that you did that wasn’t that long ago, but seems like forever ago?  I think having kids will do that to you.  Because it sure happens to me a lot.

Several friends have recently posted on facebook that they are headed to see the Black Eyed Peas in concert.  And, I got to thinking.  “Hey, I’ve seen them in concert before…And, it was free…That was a fun concert…When was that?”

So, I went and checked the old computer (and I mean old…like I got it in college) for the pictures.  July 2003.  Yep, that was almost SEVEN years ago.  I truly can’t believe it.  Seven years ago is like a lifetime…well, actually in perspective, that’s longer than both of my childrens’ lifetimes combined.

Just for some proof (of course, I’m not actually in the photographs), here’s the stage.


We actually waited in a fairly short line to get them to sign our CD.  Don’t you love the Hulk fists?  And, doesn’t Ferg look a a little upset that I snapped her picture.  Sorry, hun.

100_0090  100_0087 100_0088

We went to several free concerts that year and enjoyed them all.  And, I’m still shocked and surprised that this was in 2003!  Wow.

PS We are still looking for some fun stuff to do, just the two of us in the Atlanta area.  You know, our commitment to fun?  It’s been sort of on the down swing lately.  We’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.


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  1. oh fergie ferg. those were the days weren't they friend…

  2. Oh yes I totally know what you mean! I do that all the time… I think: "But it couldn't have been that long ago!" It makes me feel so OLD, really!!!

  3. I know what you mean!! But I don't want to believe that I'm older, is just the time pass,haha.

    Have a nice week.

  4. I graduated from high school in 2003. Seven years? Really {as I count on my fingers}? Yep. Wow! It doesn't seem like that long ago.

    I'm not from the ATL area… I'm a little further north. Do you guys have a piano bar around? How fun would that be? I'm sure you guys have big parks in your area. What about a lunchtime picnic date? So cute! Do the blanket, picnic basket, etc.

  5. LOL! Yes I have thought of that before of things that seem not so long ago and then yes it is that long when you calculated it out…I vowed not to make myself feel that old again!

  6. I'm loving that picture of Fergie. And FREE? Wowza, that's awesome.

  7. One of the fun things on our list is to go enjoy a nice day at the river for a nature walk with the kids and maybe a picnic (that is if it ever is nice weather again).

    Time totally goes too fast now and I can't remember anything that I have done unless it is around a time when we have moved or something like that. Dates escape me.

    I will be interested in others ideas on fun things too…we need to incorporate more in our lives and not just the typical chores and R&R; on the weekend.

  8. that is awesome!!! i love that you saw them for free:)

  9. how cool is that! i know what you mean about time just goes by. fergie looks totally different.

  10. I saw them a few years ago too. They opened for Dave Matthews. What a fun show!

    ps if I haven't told you already … Stop by my blog I am doing a giveaway! :o)

  11. Try to join EVENT CHASERS and get free tickets to do stuff in Atlanta.

  12.….Join. One blog that I read about got free tickets to a braves game…they had to blog about it. They also offer discounted ticktets for other events…..check it out. sorry I got distracted and had to come back and give you the info that i was going to give you earlier. LOL BOYS!

  13. The last cool concert I went to was in 1999. I am suddenly feeling very lame…

  14. I have those moments too. It seems like anything BEFORE kids seems like forever ago and my oldest is only 2 1/2! 🙂

  15. Pretty sure I can't even remember the last "cool" concert I went too. And now that I am admitting this, I am totally embarrassed. 🙁

  16. I know there you can go to Marietta Square, but I bet it gets old. Is there anywhere that is kinda like The Strand in Galveston? When I went a few weeks ago it was fun because 1)everything was new and redone 2) the people watching was great and 3) all the shops had CHEAP beer you could drink and walk around with! It wasn't free, but it was very affordable, and fun. I will post pics-maybe. Long story on the 'maybe'.

  17. OMG! That is hysterical! They look so different – so young. Haha!

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