Where I inadvertently throw up gang signs


While in college, back in 2002 (I know, dating myself), I went to a conference in Boston. A couple girlfriends went to the same conference. We went and did a ton of fun things together. We experienced some yummy food, a couple bars and whale watching. 

I saw that Blue Man Group was there and had to check them out. Nobody went with me. So I went by myself and had a blast. And then hung out in some random alley and handed my camera to a stranger and asked them to take my picture with one of the Blue Men.

Blue Man Group

Mr. Serious went to see The Blue Man Group that same year in Las Vegas. So, we had both seen them, but never together.

This week, Mr. Serious and I were finally able to see a show together. It was awesome.

Blue Man Group

There were a lot of the same elements (the musical instruments with splashing colored paint) and new stuff (like GiPads and other “technological” additions). It was still awesome and funny and a great night out. A plus was there was no intermission so we were leaving the show by 10pm (which started around 8:30pm). Date night, a good show and home before 11? Sweet!

After the show, we noticed the band was posing for pictures (The Blue Men would be out later, but we were ready to go). So, I posed with the band. And, thought, rockstar, I’ll do the same hand-thingy as them. Except I don’t look cool and it’s too far to the right and I’m throwing an random gang sign.  So, yeah. There’s that (I’m sort of thankful my watermark is covering my ultra-lameness).

Blue Man Group

Check out their schedule to see if they are coming near you. The show is awesome, funny and entertaining

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  1. Dan and I saw Blue Man Group last year and I swear it was one of the best date nights we’ve had in awhile! So much fun! We skipped the gang signs part though lol

    1. It really was such a great time. Funny and entertaining.

      I wish I would’ve done it without the gang signs.

  2. I have never seen The Blue Man group but I have heard they are brilliant. Looks like you had a fab time


    1. Very much so! Hopefully, you get a chance to see them. It’s awesome.

  3. Hahaha! That’s awesome.
    Crips or Bloods? 😉

  4. Mr. Serious says:

    You weren’t in college in 1998. Don’t make yourself older than you are!

  5. Fun! I have never seen them. Maybe one day. And being in college in 2002 does not date you!! LOL!

    1. You should definitely give it a try. They really are hilarious!

      (It dated me even more when I accidentally put 1998:)

  6. So fun! Love that you decided to throw up the sign too! I have never seen them, but would love to go!

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