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Baby #4 was welcomed with a little shower at Mr. Serious’ work. And, not only did they have it for him, but they asked me (okay, really baby #4) to join them. E also came along for the ride.

She got herself all set up with a bagel and milk and was good to go. She charmed the pants off of every single person in that room. She laughed when people laughed, carried on a “conversation” and was just over all a peach (which of course means I’m doomed for the next couple weeks, right?).

Board Room Baby

She even participated in one of the games. We had to take a paper plate, put it on the top of our heads and draw a baby. Can you see her holding her pen on her plate?

Board Room Baby

Admittedly, her baby was just about as good as mine!

It was nice to have a little shower to help us welcome Baby B. We are getting very excited to meet her, but I have a feeling she’ll be staying put for a while longer.


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  1. That’s so great! And E is ADORABLE! 🙂 I hope she isn’t a terror over the next few weeks.

  2. Scrappy sue says:

    When’s your actual due date?

    1. My old OB (using ultrasound) had me down for 12/31……the new midwife goes by LMP, so she has 12/28.

      My guess? Some time in January:)

      1. Scrappy sue says:

        I wouldn’t be too sure! My number 4 wasn’t due until February but she must’ve been in a hurry to meet her sisters!!!!

        1. I wouldn’t complain! Well, except I don’t have a bag packed or anything really ready. Then again, all she really needs is me, a carseat and some clothes and diapers. I have all of that!

  3. Aw I’m so glad she behaved and had fun! That was so nice of your husband’s work to throw you a baby shower!

  4. My goodness she is the cutest. I think I would have a little trouble trying to draw a baby on my head, LOL! That looks like fun. Congratulations

  5. Awe, it’s so great that your husbands coworkers are so supportive. Your DD is an absolute peach, good luck with the next one!

  6. You’re lucky she’s such a good little shopper (your Best Buy post) and party attendee. She is clearly a very good-natured little doll!

  7. oh, i’m so glad you got a shower. i believe ALL babies should have some kind of welcome celebration. each is a beautiful gift to us!! and of course she charmed everyone at his work. look how cute she is!

  8. She is just too cute! I think she will be such a great helper and big sister!

  9. katherine says:

    How adorable is that? It’s too cute!

  10. Thats so sweet your your hubby’s work! And E is just darling! I’m sure she’ll be an excellent big sister 🙂

  11. Awww! She is just adorable! How nice of your hubby’s co-workers to throw a shower for you all! I love that your little one was able to participate in the games!

  12. Oh, how cute is that? She is so adorable!

  13. She is too cute, Krystyn! I can’t wait to see pics of her with the new baby in a few weeks! (And isn’t she pretty much always a peach? She’s one of the most easy-going kids I’ve ever met!)

  14. beyond adorable. and loving that his work spoiled you so!

  15. That’s so sweet they threw your husband a shower! When we had our first, DH’s work threw him a diaper shower. We had more diapers than we could have ever used! It was wonderful!

  16. E is so adorable!!!

    So exciting that Baby B will be here any time now! 🙂

  17. It is nice to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a new baby with people who care about us.

  18. that was really awesome for his job:)
    cant wait to meet her

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