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the girls


We’ve been so lucky that we’ve had some nice photographers that want to snap pictures of our kids.  And, while I get some good ones, they REALLY capture them.  (There are several others you can see on her facebook page, too).

If you are in the Atlanta area (and sometimes, Florida), you must check out Dearly Loved Photography.  As one friend on facebook said, “they look like kids” they don’t look like stuffy posed kid pictures!

I’m linking up here.  Go and visit their Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays.

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  1. SOOO adorable! WAY better than stuffy posed (I actually hate those posed ones!).

    1. We’ve only done the posed ones a couple times (because I wanted certain poses!)

  2. Gorgeous! These are the best kind of photos… love.

  3. OhmyLord – I can see why people want to take photos of them. How wonderful – two beautiful little models with such genuine smiles. These are completely frameworthy!

  4. grandma Pat says:

    These are great pictures. I love the black & white of Iz. You can see all her cute freckles. Is Boris going to be a curly red head too?

    1. Only time will tell! What are the odds of three red-headed recessive gene kids?

  5. The older N gets, the more she and Iz look alike I think! I never saw a resemblance before but they are starting to look so much alike!! And they’re both beautiful of course! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Patrice! Funny you say you never saw it before. There are pictures on our fridge that people can’t tell them apart in.

  6. Oh my gosh – adorable! I looooooooooove the picture of them hugging (on Facebook). Love, love, love it!

    1. Yeah, that was a pretty cute one, too, right? I didn’t want to share all of them here..hoping to use some for grandparents for a project…just don’t know what the project is, yet.

    1. Aww….thanks, Leilani. They might be my favorites, too.

    1. Thanks, hon! We think they are pretty good looking, too!

  7. Tamara B. says:

    Love the pictures and you have a artistic gift when taking photos!

    1. I wish I could say I took these…not me. There is a link up there to the photographer.

  8. that second one? with the full on sister giggles? screams christmas card!!

    1. You read my mind….so you won’t be surprised if you see one of them come December?

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