A challenge from OHMommy


OHMommy has challenged us. She wants us to go to the mall, find something not black, and buy it. Then, we are supposed to take a picture of our self on a counter in front of a mirror.

Well, I’ll take the challenge. And, modify it so I can play.

The thing is, I really am not good at shopping. Target, CVS, no problem. Clothes, shoes, the mall? Not so much. And, even if I were good at shopping, there are so many teenagers at the mall. And, I get enough of them during the day.

So, since I don’t like to go to the mall, and I don’t shop well. I’ve got an alternate. My sister. Emily loves to shop. Emily ALWAYS looks good and pulled together. And, she always finds the best deals. And, she loves me.

Combine all of those things, and I end up with my own personal shopper. I didn’t even appoint her. She buys me the best clothes. And, when she dresses me, I always look good.

Oh, and the counter top thing? I don’t have a bathroom island…or a kitchen island…so, I’ve got a small patch of wood floor in the foyer. Does that count, OHMommy?

I present you…my dress (that has black in it, but it’s mostly ivory). And, Mr. Serious gets to play, too, because I never shared the picture from our anniversary (12-20).
Emily dressed us both. So despite the fact that we were both dog-tired, I think we still look pretty good! And, of course, I had a little help in the mid-section (read: post baby area) from the wonderful Spanx. Who cares that it hurt to sit in the seat because they sucked me in so tight….because they did just that.

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  1. Cute pics! And I LIVE for SPANX!! They have so many different kinds. My favorite are a pair of reversible tights; one side is black, one side is brown. Make you look super skinny, and you can use the same pair with different outfits. Glad to know someone else appreciates the beauty that Spanx helps to create!!

  2. You two look wonderful.

    Love that dress and the necklace. And the Handsome Hubby always makes for a great acessory.

  3. Aww that is a cute picture of you two!!!

    And oh I remember well the breath loss that spanx brings 🙂 hahaha Thankfully she is in retirement until I need to go somewhere formal where they dont allow tummies 🙂

  4. spanx are my gift from god! i feel almost the same about them as i do my hair straightener…ALMOST….

    beautiful picture! you look great!

  5. HAHA – I think it counts!!! and hey, you dont have to have a baby to use Spanx – I LOVE them!! I wear them pretty much every time I wear a dress – they are a dream come true!! Good luck on your contest!!

  6. I can’t believe you haven’t shared that picture. Its a great picture of you two. And gotta luv spanx.

  7. Great picture! Ode to Spanx when dressing up for sure…although they can be pretty painful. So great that you have a sister who is so helpful. Great picture.

    I found you from Steph-Just the Two of Us…did you design her page layout? I need help.

  8. Cute picture. Now I want that breastmilk soap recipe..hand it over 🙂 Hugs, Jen

  9. It totally counts. I didn’t even know they had islands in the bathroom. And you look fabulous! I love to shop but I’d love a personal shopper too – Emily, where are you???

  10. You look beautiful!! Stunning! Yall are too cute! This was a cute thing to do!

  11. Oh man, I totally need some Spanx! Y’all look great!!

    Now about this standing on a counter thing…

  12. Beautiful picture!!!

  13. I think you look fabulous!! Makes me want a sister! I could use one without kids to come watch ours every once in a while, and to buy me great clothes too!! I think Emily must be the best person out there!!

    Love it!

  14. Challenge well done, no matter if you were standing on an island of any sorts! 🙂

  15. Nice!! And I am in the same boat as shopping as you! Seriously – it’s bad. Oh, and the bathroom and kitchen island. LOL 🙂

    Lookin’ good!

  16. Ah! A personal shopper … You’re a girl after my own heart! I hate to shop too. But my Mom, on the other hand, was BORN to shop, and my daughter inherited it from her, I suppose. So between the two of them, I’m good to go.

  17. Awww… you guys look so cute. Look at your DH grinning.

  18. Adorable!

    And I can see that 2 months psot baby and my stomach is n ot decreasing in size. I need to get me some Spanx!! Love that dress!

  19. uhm can i hire your sister??

    seriously you guys look great!!

  20. You guys look great! Thanks for the flattering comments, however, I don’t always feel like I look “put together” but thanks! Really boosts my confidence in shopping. I am sorry I failed you and Blubs in finding you cowboy boots for a great price…I know, I know, I should have gone sooner. Hopefully (since I am about to have a 4 day weekend, oh wiat, it has already started!!!) I will send you guys some special goodies! Clothes, of course, sorry Papa Bear!

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