Now I don’t have to move back to Texas


In college, the summer before my senior year, I had an unpaid internship* M-F from 8-5. Yeah, I needed a paying J-O-B, too! Chuy’s had recently opened near school. They weren’t hiring, either. But, well, I didn’t take no for an answer. I turned in my application and boldly told them “you need to hire me. I have experience. I’m good at serving and I will work the night and weekend shifts that nobody wants.”

Guess what? I got the job and made some good money!

And, started my food-love-affair with Chuy’s! Because chips and salsa and the absolute deliciousness that is the creamy jalapeño dressing/dip and margaritas? 

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

They speak my language!

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

It didn’t take long for us living in Atlanta to remind me how much I missed my good Tex-Mex. Like missed it hard. I even double tripled checked their site often to see if there were any Atlanta locations. There weren’t. Then a friend from college came over to our house and told us there was one on the north side of town. Whhhhaaatttttt? We scheduled a date and went. Several times. But, it’s not incredibly close!

Then, last year, we were driving down Barrett Parkway and I saw it. A sign that said “Chuy’s. Coming Soon!” I screamed so loud Mr. Serious jumped! And, I got to my phone fast enough to take a picture of the sign to send to my family back in Houston (where there are also a couple Chuy’s restaurants)! Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

{The ceiling in the room in which we were dining!}

Chuy’s invited us to the grand opening, but we couldn’t make it, so they had us come check out the new place when we were able to (with a voucher for a meal for 2)! We finally made it out and it was just as delicious as I remembered! And, the atmosphere was just like the one I worked out. Complete with the tail end of a Cadillac full of chips, queso, salsa and more during “happy hour.”

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

{The faces of happy tummies!}

The food didn’t disappoint, nor did the service (and our server nor the restaurant had no idea we were there to share with you!) 

It was so nice to have some Tex-Mex food that has some flavor and heat! The sauces at Chuy’s are homemade and are just yummy! They have vegetarian options, carnivore options, gluten-free and dairy-free sauces, too! Mr. Serious got the chicka-chica boom boom enchiladas!

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

I had a light plate with a taco and tostada. It was the perfect amount. The girls shared kids tacos and finished their meals with push pops! N shared with B and it was pretty much the cutest ever! (You can also see some of the fun tile and colors decorating the place!)

Chuy's comes to Atlanta

Founded in 1982 in Austin, Texas, Chuy’s serves authentic Tex-Mex food in an eclectic atmosphere full of color and personality. The menu offers family recipes from south Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns, all made to order from the freshest ingredients. Chuy’s has the reputation as the most fun and friendly spot to eat real Tex-Mex at a great price. Chuy’s Kennesaw is the restaurant’s second Atlanta outpost, with one existing location at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody.

We will definitely be back on our own dime. Take note, they do call ahead seating and it gets busy early!

*Take a guess what that internship was. My money has it that nobody will guess!

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  1. My oldest got a free kids meal coupon in his report card last year. We only JUST went. It was delicious food, but the carne guisada was a little spicy for my taste. I do want to go back and try something else though!

    As far as your internship … hmmm … something to do with math – accounting firm?

    1. Oh, go back for sure! Then again, I like it SPICY! I went to the one in San Antonio when I was there for a conference in Grad School. A college friend lived there and we went and it was so yummy!

      You can’t go wrong with the fajitas and they aren’t as spicy.

      Um…..internship. Nope. I guess there was some element of math, but not really!

      1. They just opened a new Chuy’s right by our house so we will!

        … How about working with animals at the zoo?

  2. This sounds great and looks even better – the Beltway, though? When is it going to be in Massachusetts?

  3. Internship – no idea! I wish we had a Chuy’s near us! Looks delish! I bet I’d love it there!!!! The girls are so cute.

  4. I am glad you now have a Chuy’s close but that’s no excuse not to move back to Texas.

  5. Of course, AFTER I move away from Atlanta they get a Chuy’s. I MISS their food!!!

  6. OMG we need that here. I love Mexican and it’s so hard to find good Mexican in Massachusetts.

  7. Love your story with this! It sounds amazing and that ceiling! Love that ceiling!

  8. OH man, I love good tex mex but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find up in Massachusetts. Looks so yummy and now I’m craving a frozen marg! Thanks!

  9. we will have to check it out… thanks, I have heard of it *(not sure where) this should be good…
    Internship -some sort of blogging?

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