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The girls know that I don’t let them play with apps on my phone. In fact, they don’t even ask to play with my phone. However, they have known that they can play with their Aunt’s and Grammi’s phones. When we go somewhere (doctor’s office, restaurant, etc), I don’t let them play with it, either.

However, there have been a couple doctor’s visits (of mine, thanks OB) that have gone WAY long and they start to get bored. For those times, I recently was given the chance to check out the Curious George’s Town app. It is best geared at the pre-schooler’s age (4) and maybe a little younger. 

It aims to teach children smart saving and spending habits while engaging kids in creating a virtual world complete with roller coasters, dinosaurs and farm animals. But, also features a unique reward chart that can be customized by assigning a specific coin value to a list of real-world tasks.

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

By accomplishing real-world and in-app challenges, children earn virtual coins they can use to purchase a variety of items to create their very own town. Based on the principle of deferred gratification, the app introduces the concepts of strategic planning and careful spending in order to accomplish a goal. Kids can also supplement their stockpile of virtual savings by tackling in-app educational games such as alphabetizing books at Curious George’s library and collecting the correct items at the grocery store. Guided and narrated by the convivial Man with the Yellow Hat, the fun and engaging app also reinforces concepts like correct spelling, reading and matching.

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

Right now, we are still working our way through the games, practicing patience and realizing that we can’t always go forward in a game (we definitely need this).

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

 And, of course, a required dose of nice manors after the task is completed.

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

In the bakery, you can be tasked with certain jobs, like baking a specific cake…

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

Or you can make your own.

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

You can also visit the pet store, 

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

and the library where you sort books, 

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

Or the grocery store where you are tasked with catching a certain number of an object.

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

There is also cleaning up and sorting in the park (which has encouraged her to clean and help out around the house!)

Curious George's Town App Review + Giveaway

We haven’t made it through all of the tasks and rewards yet because we are definitely pacing it. It’s nice to use it in a big pinch or as a reward when something is completely. And, since the 4 year old likes it, that’s a total win to us!

You can purchase Curious George’s Town in the App Store.

OR, you can WIN it here. 

Prize: Curious George gift pack including a free app download and Curious George gift pack including: Curious George Builds A Home (or another paperback CG title) and the Curious George Travel Activity Kit containing: A classic book, 3 stories on CD, an activity book, a card game, stickers and double-sided crayons

Curious George Giveaway

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I received a code for the app to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

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  1. Tabathia B says:

    Visiting the pet store

  2. grandma pat says:

    looks like fun game

  3. Jessica B. says:

    I think they will like the bright colors of the games and the idea that they can earn rewards while playing.

  4. Cynthia R says:

    like all the games with the letters especially.

  5. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I think my son would love the grocery store! How fun!

  6. Amelia plays restaurant and bakery practically non-stop, so she will love the bakery part! This sounds like an app she will really love. The rest of it too! Thanks!

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