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We’ve been busy, busy, busy lately and on the go. And feeling like we needed a little reconnection with the neighborhood people. So, we had a little impromptu summer neighbor party. Food, friends and fun. What else can you ask for?

summer neighborhood party

Thankfully, only one stop was needed…a trip to BJ’s. They had everything I needed to grab for our lunchtime get together (and so much more!) When I’m super short on time (I had about 1.5 hours to gather everything, purchase it, run home and get everything settled), I need a store where I can get everything I need in one stop. I’d call a party in 1.5 hours a win.

Everything seen here was all ready to go when I walked in the store. Anybody can come into the store and immediately grab some Wellsley Farms Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (Non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher), Wellsley Farms Organic Salsa, plantain chips, a Wellsley Farms veggie and fruit tray, hummus and a Wellsley Farms Cookie Platter or Brownie Bites. That was accomplished in about 10 minutes. And, it was only 10 minutes because my girls couldn’t decide on the cookies!

summer neighborhood party

One thing I did call ahead and order was a Wellsley Farms Sandwich Ring that serves 12 – 15 that had Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast and Swiss Cheese, sliced tomatoes and lettuce. It took a few minutes to order on the phone and a few minutes to pick up and that was only because there was a line at the deli. I had no idea BJs was known for their deli meats. The sandwich was a big hit. One person even said “I’m not a big sandwich person and this is good.”

summer neighborhood party

While we didn’t get one this time, they also do custom order cakes and a couple other deli/bakery options. You can check out their order form online for many more options, or have a look at the store. They also had all of the necessary Berkley Jensen paper plates and 18 oz. Cups (a premium plastic in a classic red color). So, here’s a pro tip, though. When you buy the cups, make sure you actually buy something to put in them. Thankfully, our neighbors like ice water! (Whoops!)

The kids had a great time listening to music, dancing and playing together (and rubbing a plate of hummus into the carpet..thankfully that washes out).

summer neighborhood party

Then, they went out side and jumped on the trampoline and played on the playset while the parents enjoyed some indoor AC and quiet.

summer neighborhood party

A gathering of friends and neighbors doesn’t have to be stressful or involve a lot of planning. It’s more about the company and the fun. And good food helps. Thankfully, BJ’s Wholesale Club makes it easier. They are offering non-members a Free 90-Day Membership available now through Sunday, July 3.

Shoppers can print the coupon and visit their local BJ’s club to activate their trial. Once enrolled, shoppers are given a membership number and will receive a membership card upon visiting the member services desk.

BJ’s is also currently offering a 15 month membership for $40 now through Sunday, July 3 plus a coupon book with more than $2,000 worth of savings.

What is your favorite trick for having a quick and easy party?

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  1. Nice spread! I hate we couldn’t make it. It’s a rare occasion that I get sick kids during the summer time.

  2. What a great idea! We love BJs. I haven’t tried their sandwich ring. May have to for our next party. That one looks delicious.

  3. I totally agree food, friends and fun are all you really need! Everything looks delicious and I love how easy it was to get together.

  4. Pat Chance says:

    that sandwich ring looks delicious. We don’t have a BJ’s here but maybe they will come to Houston soon

  5. Ooo, that sounds (and looks) like fun!
    We do much of the same thing for the 4th. I make a few things but mostly just grab treats from the store that we normally wouldn’t splurge on. Fun!

  6. That sammich ring DOES look good. Sometimes a different presentation will bring me right in!

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