School Morning Checklist {Free Printable}


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There are two kids getting ready for elementary school in our house. And a third one is in the wings ready to start yesterday. She’s watching her sisters, seeing what needs to be done every morning, and I’m sure going to be a pro before she even heads to elementary school in just a few months. The biggest adjustment is going to be the fact that she has to be ready and out of the house by 7:20. That morning routine is going to hit hard and fast. So, we are in full-preparation mode here. When that first day hits, she’s going to be ready.

School Morning Checklist

With two already going through the motions, I quickly realized that I was telling them the same things over and over every morning. This was leaving us all all in a grumpy mood before the sun even came up, so something had to give. I’ve used check lists in the past so thought it was a good time to nail down what the expectations are each and every morning.

School Morning Checklist

Of note, these things hardly ever happen in order. This is why the checklist is so important. Each girl can check off their list in the order they want that day.

Now, to help with our routine, there is a check list affixed to the fridge. But, I made it even better by “laminating” it with a sheet protector. (You know, since I don’t own a laminator.) I’m not a fan of throwing the checked lists out everyday, so once it’s in the sheet protector, we use a dry erase marker on it in the morning and wipe it clean every night.

School morning checklist

This list has helped all of us in the mornings. All of my expectations are lined up and ready to be checked off every morning. And, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I’ve uploaded this check list as a document to google drive, so you can edit it if you’d like. Or you can grab the pdf School Morning Checklist and print it off right away.

TheraBreath for Kids

Notice right after getting dressed, they need to brush, floss and rinse their teeth. It’s taken us a while to find a flavor of toothpaste and mouthwash they like, but we finally have. For our girls over 6 years old, they are now using TheraBreath for Kids, the first premium formulated Oral Rinse for Kids, a healthier mouthwash.

TheraBreath for Kids

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Right now, you can grab a . Head over and you can download it and use it almost immediately.

How do school mornings typically go at your house?

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  1. I like the organization! What a great idea. Logan now does not enjoy having her teeth brushed and trying to pry open her mouth to do so is nearly impossible. I got her some toothpaste which she likes to suck off the brush, then she is over it. How did you get the girls to be ok with brushing their teeth?

  2. I like the idea of a checklist for the morning. I am now the parent who stays home during the week and each morning I am double checking my wife and daughter to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. They do, daily. A checklist would be nice.

  3. Perfect timing!! I was just thinking about making a list like this for our mornings. We need new routines and everyone is on board. I’m going to use this as a guidline.

  4. pat chance says:

    I have been using the Listerine breath strips for years. I agree coffee breath on anyone is terrible.

  5. I love the list of suggestions at the end. Empty the dishwasher and exercise! AWESOME!!!!

  6. We have something similar – though with pictures. Since my son is autistic, it helps him know what he needs to do, and the order to do it in. Helps in the morning and we have one at night too!

  7. I love your organization! That’s an ambitious checklist. I need to start getting my kids more involved in packing their lunches and snacks. Great life skill!

  8. You read my mind! I posted this morning how much our morning routine drives me crazy! Just today the child took 20 minutes to get dressed and was in a rotten mood. She never wants to get out of bed and we are forever late. Though, she’s not all to blame. I loathe the mornings so it takes me forever and a day to get up and I often get up at the last possible minute so we’re rushing rushing. She’s asked for a check-list so I think I’ll actually make one like you have so you understands the expectations!

  9. Love the checklist! I have never seen the sticks with floss attached to the top. We need to check those out!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! The best one on the list is “Did you put away all your dishes?” I hate the dishes clean up after the bus! And the pajamas strewn all over the house!

  11. I need this. I’m not the most organized person around. A checklist is helpful.

  12. What a great idea! I truly spend 15 minutes every day saying “put on your socks, put on your shoes.” Perhaps a checklist will solve that problem! Thanks for the tip.

  13. We are definitely a checklist family! And what a good idea to use the sheet protector – I have a checklist bookmark in my daughter’s assignment notebook and might see what she thinks about putting it in a sheet protector.

  14. I think a list is a great idea! It also helps kids to understand prioritising and getting things done by a deadline. And kudos to you for getting your kids to floss and rinse! It’s hard enough just getting them to brush (or to get out of bed!)

  15. Our slow morning grump uses a list, too – but your is way cuter!

  16. Jen Freese says:

    I the idea of a checklist for the kids! I used 1 often for myself, brilliant!

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