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Honestly, i don’t remember the last time I wore a watch.  Pretty bad, right?  Consequently, I’m always asking if other people have the time.  But, now I don’t have to because I have a fun and changeable watch that I can swap out depending on my mood.

Enter Modify Watches.

Whether you want to make a statement to the other soccer moms, give your kids something to talk about other than your bland meatloaf, or simply be on time for weekly carpool, Modify Watches has something every playful mom (or dad, or kid)…will love.

modfy watches

A throwback to those candy colored and neon bands of the 90s, Modify Watches are interchangeable (offering 13 fierce faces and 9 stylish straps) and affordable—at just $45/combination (and multiple ‘kits’ to get more for your dollar). For the novice Modify wearer you can choose from predestined combinations like ‘Bar Fight’ black and blue or ‘Dimples & Pimples’ pink and red. If you really feel like living on the edge, choose a color combo of your own!  And, that’s just what I did.

I chose the super bright and fun blue watch face.  My flash is making it seem a little brighter, but it’s still super bright and fun.  I went with a more neutral band in silver.  It’s a little bigger that a watch I would probably pick, but it’s also very fun and I can change it out.

modify watches review

It’s really easy to do, too.  Just pop the face out of one band, and put it into the next.

modify watches review

And, because Modify Watches don’t discriminate, they even have pieces for stiff-suit dad (Argyle anyone?) and your picky pre-teen who will like totally only wear yellow right now.

Super fun, right?  And, now you can win your own.

Some of the options they have (they are often making stock changes, so all of them might not always be available):

Faces Brown, Orange, Black, Argyle, Pinstripe, Red, Blue, Yellow

Straps Black Charcoal (dark gray), Silver (light gray), Brown, Green, Yellow

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  1. I really like the polka-dot face. would look nice with a black band

  2. I want to win!
    mommyfreetime at gmail dot com

  3. i would want the black and orange or maybe red.
    mommyfreetime at gmail dot com

  4. I would choose the white strap and pink face.

  5. I’d like to win. They look pretty durable for my boys

  6. black and stripes face

  7. Brittany K Choleva says:

    I wanna WIN!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  8. Brittany K Choleva says:

    I really like the 1xBlack face, 1xGreen strap! So cool!!
    Thanks again!

  9. i like the red face and black strap

  10. i don’t have a watch, so i would love to win

  11. i like the pink face and pink band

  12. Mommy Mojo would sure dig this watch. The black band would go with most of her outfits!

  13. love to win and thanks for the chance

  14. pink strap black face

  15. Eugenie Wu says:

    Gray strap, red face.

  16. Blue face, black strap

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