four? FOUR? Stop the madness


#1, #1-giggles, #1-wizzy, Pumpkinhead.

Seriously, I don’t even know how we got to FOUR already.  I’m quite certain I was just holding you in my arms.  I remember your third birthday and your second birthday (the one where we brought your sister home from the hospital and you were so happy), and your first birthday and the day you were born like it was yesterday.

It should be illegal to grow up this fast.

You have the funniest, and sassiest personality.  You can turn on the sweet or sour in an instant.  Or maybe it’s sugar or spice.

Happy 4th birthday

You went on a Ferris Wheel and scared the crap out of me.  But, you loved it.  And, to see that joy?  I’d do it again.  Just not until next year, okay?

Happy 4th birthday

See?  There’s that silly personality again.

You think you can negotiate with me.  Little do you know, I don’t negotiate.  One day, you will learn!

Happy 4th birthday

You ask me to take your picture.  And, you give me your best picture smile.  We’ll work on that nose scrunching later.

Happy 4th birthday

You are as sweet as can be when it comes to your sister (well, like 95% of the time).  You look out for her, and always make sure to kiss her good bye and good night.  You also influence her to do things that aren’t so good; like calling your cup “cupy”, milk “milky”, blowing bubbles with your straw, and climbing on the ropes at Stone Mountain.  She looks up to you even more than you could ever imagine.

Happy 4th birthday

You have fabulously curly red hair…and freckles…and you wouldn’t be you without them.  We constantly tell you how  much we love you, your hair, your freckles and more (and it couldn’t possibly be because I’m worried that kids will make fun of you later for them, because that never happened to me).

Happy 4th birthday

Like your sister, and mommy, you love your candy, and treats.  It’s pretty much all the motivation you need for anything.  Your teachers always tell us you eat all of your food and ask for seconds.  You definitely don’t have mommy’s metabolism.

Happy 4th birthday

You are reading several books (well, your teacher calls it “decoding”) at school, and have read them to us, your sister, and really anybody else that comes over to our house.  And, if you will allow me to brag, you are at the 99th percentile for your age when it comes to school and your class.  And, of course, it makes mommy and daddy beam with pride.  You have many friends in your class and are learning to try all of the time.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much you love your sister?  Because, really, you do.

Happy 4th birthday

I cannot wait to see you as a bigger big sister.

It’s been fun so far…I can’t imagine what year FIVE has in store for us.

We love you!

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  1. Happiest Birthday, Iz – and to the little sister, Nat – that I must have missed 🙂

    Your girls are adorable. I’d beat any little kid up that would want to tease them over that gorgeous hair and freckles!

    (not really… but I’d be mad)

  2. She’s so gorgeous, do you know that? (OF course you do!) Happy 3rd birthday to your darling daughter! Time goes by WAY too quickly, if you ask me!

  3. Isn’t it crazy how quickly they grow up on us? My oldest will be four at the end of this month and I don’t have a clue where the time went.

    Happy birhtday Iz!

  4. Oh my Lord! It can’t be! FOUR??? You’re right. It should be illegal for them to grow up so fast!!!! I hope she has a wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Izzy!!! 🙂 Oh and Kendall says she wants to be “fwiends” with the red haired girl because (ans I quote) “I just lobe her hair, Mommy!!!” LOL!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Kira’s birthday buddy! Hope you have a great year! 🙂

  6. What a sweet post Krystyn!!
    Happy Birthday sweet Iz!!! You are such a character! Hope you had fun at your birthday party!!

  7. Aww, happy birthday to your sweet girl! What a great post, and she sure does have spunk!

    And I think that the first year should last two…at least!

  8. So sweet Krystyn…you totally melted my heart with that post. IT is so amazing how our little ones become big kids! I just love the red hair!

    Happy 4th Birthday Izzy!

  9. I can tell she’s smart and beautiful just like her Momma! Happy Birthday Iz! Enjoy 4, it’s SUCH a great age!!! 😀

  10. you are right – growing up this fast should be illegal!!

    happy, happy day sweet girl – you are so very loved!!

  11. Hello Krystyn! It seems that not only do I need to wish both your girls a happy birthday, but it also seems congratulations are in order for yourself (and the Mr. of course)!

    As of tonight I (finally!) have a laptop at my disposal (instead of having to persuade DH to lend me his laptop from work) so I’ve been checking up on blogs and I was scrolling through some of your posts when I read your happy news. Congratulations!!! We’re not that far apart really: my due date is March 26. We’re not finding out the gender, just as previous times. It doesn’t really matter to us since we already have a boy and a girl. Both times I thought I was having a boy: so I was right once and wrong once. This time around I again suspect it might be a boy, but we’ll have to wait until the birth to find out. I hope everything goes well and smooth with both of us receiving a precious little bundle of joy at the end.

    Big hug,

  12. I agree with the growing up too fast! She’s a doll, Krystyn & brag her up all you want ~ you should be one proud Mama! Happy 4 years of parenting to YOU and happy birthday to your sweet Izzy!

  13. Happy Birthday to sweet Izzy! They really do grow up waaay too fast!

  14. Happy Birthday, Izzy! She is definitely the sweetest spunkiest 4 year old with adorable red hair and freckles that I know. I hope she had a special day.

  15. Happy Birthday, Blubs! You are truly an amazing niece! I love everything about you!!!

  16. I love how you captured her silly side with these photos! Happy Birthday to your FIRST!

  17. What a joy! She seems like a great girl. For some reason, I thought she was older than my preschooler, but she’s actually just a couple months younger. Happy birthday to her!

  18. Yep, it’s sugar and spice. 😉
    What a cutie pie.
    Happy Birthday, Izzy! 🙂

  19. I really feel like that sweet little girl is growing up way too fast. It makes me sad 🙁 She looks like such a spunky little girl and I have enjoyed, oh so much, “watching” her grow! Happy Birthday, Izzy!!

    Love, Mere

  20. They do grow up soooooooooooo fast…I know this from my two little nephews! Cute post!
    Happy Birthday sweetie!

  21. Happy belated birthday to her! I hope she had a wonderful day and has an incredible year. It flies by so fast, doesn’t it?

    Love the post, what a great way to preserve the memories!

  22. wow! she looks older just since the last time I stopped by here! (sorry it’s been awhile, btw.) i LOVE that third one down! haha

  23. She is too cute! I hope she has a fabulous birthday.

    My son loves ferris wheels too even though they scare me.

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