Four year olds, they are impressionable



I didn’t want the girls to do it.

I can’t be a soccer mom.

It’s not that I think I’m too young, or anything like that.

I just don’t think I can do it.  The yelling.  The cheering.  The screaming (at least what I’ve seen).

Mr. Serious thought otherwise (after taking the girls to the soccer field and her dribbling down the length).  So now, #1 is signed up and ready to go.

So, now I’m supposed to be a soccer mom?

Cleats?  Check.

Shin guards and soccer socks? Check.

She’s already been to two practices.

"Soccer girl"

Apparently, she’s pretty good with the dribbling.  (Daddy does soccer practice).

"Soccer girl"

During practice, the coaches gave out their boxes with game uniforms, socks and the car magnet.  She brought the magnet up to me, and told me “you have to put this on your car.”  I said “not right now.”  She told me “but they said it goes on your car.”

Fast forward to the next morning.  I’ve dropped the girls off at school and I’m walking out to the van, and I see a giant spot.  At first I think a bird took a huge poop, upon further inspection, I realize, she got that magnet on the van anyways.

Upward Magnet on the Car

And, when I picked her up from school and walked out to the van the first thing she said was “mommy, where’s my soccer magnet?”
Apparently, the coach really impressed upon her that it needs to go on the car.  I think I’ll be talking to the coach about cleaning rooms, listening to parents and teachers and not talking back.
Her first game is this weekend.
Hold me.  I’m a soccer mom.  I’ve got the magnet on my van to prove it.


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  1. You’re a soccer mom! It’s a rite of passage I think. You can totally do it. And the magnet? Hot stuff 😉

    1. Well, I think the minivan is the first “hot stuff” part, and the magnet just adds to it. Here’s hoping it doesn’t rain this weekend for her game.

  2. Being a soccer mom’s not so bad. 🙂 Aaaand her socks are super cute, so there’s that.

    Let me know if talking to the coach about room cleaning works…maybe I’ll try it too.

    1. Yeah…I picked out the socks:)

      Definitely let you know about the coach, but I have my doubts!

  3. soccer mom? why not! you can do it! i like sports.

      1. I have no doubt I will end up with all kinds of stickers on my Mom mobile….*shudder*

    1. Oh, she’s persistent alright. And stubborn..very stubborn.

  4. Too funny! At least it’s not something more permanent, like a bumper sticker. Ugh.

    1. Oh, no kidding. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d have found a bumper sticker on the car. (Although, I do know that a little heat from a blow dryer definitely helps get them off!)

  5. LOL! Too funny about the magnet. heehee

    I’m a track mom. It doesn’t have the same “stigma” but trust me, it’s just as “bad”.
    Have fun with it!

    1. I hope it ends up being fun. I’m super nervous.

      Although, I have a feeling I’m going to be very distracted by they 2 year old sister.

  6. Too funny with the magnet. Cute pics! I became a soccer mom last year too. Now both kids will be playing starting this Saturday. And Daddy is coaching BOTH teams due to a shortage of coaches. Yup – soccer coming out of our ears. The kids (and Dad) are really excited though. It will be fun to watch them out there together. 🙂

    1. Oh wow! That’s awesome for you guys. I told my hubby coaching wasn’t going to happen right now. Thankfully, he agreed!

  7. “But the coach said…”

    I have SO many third grade parents complain about that for things I’ve said…a problem for those who don’t quite listen correctly. Ummm…no…I did not tell your child to x,y,z.

    Your little soccer player is darling! At least no one can accuse you of forcing her to play!

    1. Oh, that same problem happens here, too. “But Ms. you said it wasn’t homework..”

      Um….no, sure didn’t say that!

  8. Jessica @atl mom guide says:

    YAY! I LOVE this post! You should see the back opf my van I have everything from school and soccer to baseball and basketball! You will LOVE it!

    1. I think I *have* seen the back of your van;)

      Here’s hoping. I was never a sports person, so I just don’t know if I will. Dance and piano for me.

  9. grandma Pat says:

    Oh yes, welcome to the world of soccer mom. Fortunate for me I didn’t have to do it until Zac moved in but oh my goodness what a shock it was then. Practice 2 times a week and games every weekend. Not to mention the tournament weekends out of town. I didn’t know what it was like to have a free Holiday weekend for 3 years.

    Georgia said you need to make a soccer mom visor – YEAH!!!!! They also have soccer fleece that you can make a blanket out ot.

    As far as the screaming goes, I never quite understood all that. I would cheer but never scream at the kids. Made me laugh when the moms SITTING on the side lines with their insulated cup of water and an umbrella from the hot sun, in 95 degree weather screaming at their kids to GET THE BALL and RUN DOWN THE field. I wanted to scream back at them “get you butt out there and run in 95 degree heat”.

  10. You’ll have to let me know if it works out with the suggestions on things for the coach to impress upon your little gal. I just may have to become a soccer mom then. 🙂

    1. Don’t you know I will. If that’s the result of being a soccer mom, I’m all in.

      Sign my two year up right now.

  11. Cute! I too am a soccer Mom…a seasoned one with 6 seasons under my belt. Added basketball Mom this year too. But no magnets 😉

    1. Exactly…no magnets. I just know it’s going to make an appearance again. I tried to get her to stick it on her mirror. “But, mommy, the magnet won’t stick. It’s not magnetic.” Seriously, how does a 4 year old know “magnetic?”

    1. Maybe I can lose it….just saying.

      That is totally not me.

  12. Heh! Yeah, if the coach has that much sway, not only talk about listening to parents and not talking back but how about eating more vegetables?

    This — and you — is going to be great!

    1. Oh, yeah…those, too.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Holly.

  13. I love your blog your posts always make me smile or laugh! So glad I subscribe so I dont miss any!
    I have been told soccer moms are hot! lol I can only imagine what sports my son will like when he is older. I agree they do need to coach on room cleaning and listening to your parents! That would be AWESOME!

    1. Glad to make you laugh/smile.

      I must be a hot mom then…wait, the first game and practice this week were canceled..

      Hot mom delayed.

      I’ve tried to have the doctor tell her she needs naps. That didn’t work. Then again, she ordered her vaccines, so maybe that was a FAIL on my part.

  14. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a soccer/football mom!
    I wouldnt change it for the world now!!
    (and yes, I proudly drive around a car with a football logo and Landons name on it! lol)

  15. Hahahaha! I love the magnet! Not sure I would be thrilled to sport it either, but love how it means so much to her. I sign for the world that she is now a big kid I am sure! 🙂

  16. I feel your pain. I refuse to be a soccer mom. But I don’t mind letting my son do soccer (or any other sport for that matter) as long as I don’t have to drive other people’s brats to every game and the like. Not happening. EVER!! xD

    I’ma be the most hated parent in town, I can see it now. LOL

    1. Oh, I’m thinking there won’t be any carpooling. I hope not. I can’t do that, too.

  17. Haha that’s too funny! Good thing your little girl looks ADORABLE in her soccer gear! 🙂

    1. I find I’m saying that a lot lately…”It’s a good thing she’s cute.”

  18. Wow I am sure she would be a successful soccer player. She’s so cute! THanks for the visit.

  19. LOL I wish you luck! My advice…pack up that van for all kinds of weather cause it can go from cold to rainy to hot all during one LOOOONG game:) Have fun!

    1. Good to know. Hopefully, in Georgia, we won’t have quite the issue.

  20. Being a sports mom is amazingly difficult. Practices alone take up so much time!! Crazy talk!

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