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Kristen, over at Loving Our Simple Life has requested help with paint colors (which I stink at) and pictures of the rooms we have painted. BTW, I did that graphic…what do you think?

When we moved in last summer, we knew immediately we had to paint the kitchen and the two non-master bedrooms upstairs. Well, we wanted to paint ours, too, but that is a task for a professional (it as well as our living room are mauve…yuck)!

Here’s the color of the kitchen when we bought the house. It was a yucky sea foam green.

And now a nice green…although I’m not entirely sure the color matches our new counter tops.

#1’s room was a pastel purple, which we are not. So we used a bright green color…it’s hard to see the true color here, though:

We also painted the guest room a robin’s egg blue color (sort of Tiffany’s blue) and it looks fabulous, but apparently, I don’t have a picture!

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  1. Seriously, we are too much alike!

    My favorite color is the green too!!

    Thanks so much for asking for help for me. I personally think you have done an AMAZING job!!


  2. I love picking out paint colors!

  3. I am scared of color! I am horrible picking out colors and right now all the walls are off white or something.

  4. Oooh I love all the pretty colors. I think you can get away with the green and your new countertops.

    and by the way I’m lovin’ baby’s robe. Too cute!

  5. This makes me want to paint. Badly. I am planning on doing either the game room or the formal dining a green color if we end up not moving.

  6. Looks great! GREAT job on the graphic too!! thats one of my favs!

  7. I LOVE both green colors! I tend to always gravitate towards green when choosing paint samples. Although we are going to be painting our bedroom blue and I’m pretty psyched about that!

  8. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:

    LOVE the new color. Our house is sadly 32 shades of white. Boring, I know.

  9. Oh you did a great job!! I need a paint color for my kitchen cabinets.. wanna come over and help..??? LOL LOL

    Everything in my house is green!! so I have to go for a different color in the kitchen…

  10. Hey, I just did some painting myself. Funny.

    Colors are the new … um … beige?

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