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There are a lot of twists and turns to follow throughout the tale and we’ve come up with a fun Frozen 2 trivia quiz that can help you unravel some of the mysteries or just test your knowledge on this fun story.

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Frozen 2 is undoubtedly one of the most popular movies of the moment. In this second installment of adventures featuring Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, the group once again is faced with trials and challenges that they must overcome to save not only themselves, but also their people.

You can use this at home for fun or in a classroom or group setting, to see who was paying attention! (Scroll down to see the questions or to grab the PDF versions so you can print them out!)

How many questions can you get right?

Frozen 2 Trivia Quiz Questions:

1. What is the name of the game that Anna and Elsa were playing at the start of the movie?
2. According to the story told to the girls by King Agnarr, what is keeping people out of the Enchanted Forest?
3. What is the name of the river in Elsa and Anna’s mother’s song and what does she say is special about it?

4. Where is Elsa when she first hears the mysterious voice that her father once heard singing to her?
5. What is Kristoff trying to ask Anna?
6. What was the word that Elsa couldn’t act out when they were playing charades?

7. What are the four elemental spirits and what are represented by?
8. What does Pabble come to warn Elsa and Anna about?
9. What does Kristoff say will happen if the dam inside the forest should break?

10. What does Olaf say about water?
11. Who does Elsa make friends with in the Enchanted Forest and what happens when they first connect?
12. What does the fifth spirit do?

13. What do Elsa and Anna find on the wrecked ship?
14. What does Elsa find when she reaches Ahtohallan?
15. Why did King Runeard build the dam?

16. What has to happen to save the people of Arendelle and Northuldra?
17. Whose help does Anna enlist to destroy the dam?
18. What does Elsa do to save Arendelle?

19. Who is the fifth spirit?
20. What is the thing that brought everyone together in the end of the movie?

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Frozen 2 Trivia Quiz Answers:

1. Anna and Elsa were playing a pretend game that they called “Enchanted Forest”.
2. There is a mist that overcame the forest after the spirits were angered which makes it impossible to enter
3. The river is called Ahtohallan and in the lullaby that she sings, it is described as a river full of memory where all is found.

4. She is standing on the balcony of the castle, looking out over the water.
5. Kristoff wants to ask Anna to marry him, but is having a tough time finding the right moment and way to say the words.
6. Ice was written on the paper, which is very concerning to Anna that Elsa had a hard time with that word.

7. Fire is represented by a lizard. Wind is seen as a everything from a breeze to a tornado. Earth is represented by rock giants. Water is a horse.
8. Pabble warns Elsa and Anna that Arendelle is not safe and to protect the future, past wrongs must be righted.
9. He said that if the dam breaks, everything on the fjord will be flooded, which includes Arendelle.

10. That water has memory and has passed through at least 4 humans or animals, remembering everything.
11. Elsa bonds with the little fire spirit lizard. Elsa’s ice cools him off and extinguishes the fire.
12. The fifth spirit bridges together the spirits, creating harmony and peace between them.

13. Though they thought their parents died on the Southern Sea, they found the wrecked ship near the Dark Sea. In the waterproof compartment, they found a map to Ahtohallan and a note from Elsa’s mother questioning the source of her powers.
14. When Elsa reaches Ahtohallan, she is able to see the memories that the river carries, including the truth about what happened with King Runeard and Northuldra.
15. The King built the dam to weaken the lands of the Northuldra people so that he could take their lands for Arendelle. It was a trick to cut them off from the river’s magic, not the gift he presented it to be.

16. The dam must be broken for peace to be restored and the forest and kingdom to be saved.
17. Anna awakens the Earth Giants and leads them to the dam. Along the way, she find Kristoff who helps her get there and she convinces the royal guards to help attract the attention of the giants to the dam.
18. She and the Water Horse redirect the flood, keeping the kingdom of Arendelle from being destroyed.

19. Elsa is the fifth spirit, bridging together and creating peace between the spirits and the people of the kingdom along with help from her sister.
20. In the end, the kingdoms were united because of love, which not only united the sisters and saved the lands, but also brought together the people of Arendelle and Northuldra.


Once I created this fun Frozen 2 Trivia Quiz (with both the questions and the answers), I made it into a PDF which you can grab by subscribing to my emails

Frozen 2 Trivia Questions Did you come up with the same responses as we did or did you interpret some of the ideas of the movie a little differently? We’d love to hear how the story came across to you and what you would add to this Frozen 2 Quiz!

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