A fun “trip”…to the ER.-MM


Saturday was supposed to be a date night for the hubby and me. Emily was set to watch the girls.

I had showered, blow dried my hair and even had on the full make-up; which we all know is a rarity.

I wanted to run the vacuum over the floor because there were crushed up cheerios it looked good, but not great. #1 for some crazy reason was insisting on wearing socks.

I attempted to distract her by asking her to help with the vacuum, but she still wanted some socks. My stubborn and strong-willed little girl had to have her socks. She headed upstairs to get some. She gets them all the time. I thought nothing of it.

Until I heard the loudest boom ever; and an even louder scream.

It was a scream that made my heart stop; a scream that made me not want to go upstairs for fear of what I found; a scream that at the same time made me run up the stairs in what seemed like two steps.

I got up there in under a second, I think. She was sprawled out laying underneath her dresser. It had completely toppled over on top of her.

I screamed her name out. I can still hear it ringing in my head. It was the scariest moment of my life. And, in that instant, I didn’t know what to do.

Hubby arrived an instant later, and somehow, one or both of us lifted the dresser off of her. I grabbed her and held her, trying to calm her down. All the while, looking for gashes, blood, bruises, bumps and anything else. She was hysterical. I was hysterical.

She calmed down way too quickly. I tried to lay her down to assess the injuries. I found a bump on her head and a bump on her leg.

But how was I to know there wasn’t anything more serious? How was I to know that she didn’t have a concussion, or internal injuries.

I called a nurse line, they told me to head to the ER. So, I told #1 we were going to take a “trip.” And, we were off.

#1 was so good. So good in fact, I just knew there had to be something wrong. But, I think she just saw my reaction and knew that this was serious business. As a side note, the ER is a great place to people watch.

We finally got to a room (after watching Tarzan, which by the way, is pretty scary) and then a doctor came in.

She looked her over, felt and listened to her tummy and felt her skull.

The doctor said we were lucky. The dresser wasn’t too tall (4 drawers) and it was evenly distributed over her body.

However, I think you all know how I feel about lucky. Once again, #1’s guardian angel was there. To protect her and make sure she was okay. To help me and Mr. Serious lift up the dresser faster than humanly possible.

The doctor than said we were good to go, we just had to wait for the nurse to discharge us. As soon as the doctor left the room, #1 said “let’s get out of here.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

And, because she behaved so well, #1 got some chicken and french fries aka Chick-fil-a, at 9:00pm for dinner. And she couldn’t have been happier.

**Please don’t tell me about bolting or strapping it to the wall to the wall. I’m well aware that these devices exist and I even have some. #1 was never a climber. She was just trying to reach her socks (which are in the top drawer) and she probably pulled down a little on the drawer while trying to get them. I’m not asking for parenting advice on this one, just telling our ER story.**

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  1. So thankful everyones okay. No more ER trips this week, alright?

    The aquadoodle brushes came in a 2 pack (1 pen/1 brush) from Walmart. You might check Amazon as well. =)

    Thanks for following our adventures in quadruplets!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. I’m sooo glad Isabelle is okay. When your children get hurt, it is the scariest thing in the world. Hugs.

  3. Oh my goodness – your post made my heart stop! I am so glad she is ok. That scream – where you know, just KNOW it is bad is the worst thing in the world! Poor little pumpkin!

  4. OMG you just scared the CRAP OUT OF ME! I think I held my breath until you said she was fine. Poor Izzy!! I’m SO glad she is fine! And poor Mama, I’m sure your heart has only FINALLY slowed down in its crazy beating. 🙁

    Thank goodness for guardian angels!!!!!!!

  5. I like how you were prepared to warn people that you don’t want parenting advice — I DON’T BLAME YOU! 🙂

    I would have to agree, however, that your story seems quite scary! I don’t blame you for being hysterical!

  6. I’m so sorry! Those blood-curdling screams are the worst. I’m very glad her angel was there, for all of you!

  7. oh friend i am sooo sorry!! i just can’t imagine!

    but it also happened to a friend of mine – her little boy pulled a huge dresser on top of himself and then two days later he pulled a bookshelf on top of himself. needless to say they had a rough week and she made me bolt everything in beans room to the wall when she was born.

    so glad you area all ok…and hoping that the next date night doesn’t involve a trip to the er 🙂

  8. My heart was pounding reading that! I’m so glad she’s ok…..that kind of thing is so not fun………..Darn those cheerios! Or as TigerBoy would say, ‘Tree-dos’…….

  9. I am so thankful she was ok! That is SO scary!!! And yes, ER's have some really interesting people! LOL…

    When I was little I climbed up on a dresser that had shelves on top of it…a large piece of furniture…only to pull it over on myself in the same manner. Luckily, it pinned me on the bed and somehow I was perfectly fine. I remember being more scared by my Mom's reaction that what happened to me.

    So glad you have a guardian angel & she is ok!!! {{Hugs}}


  10. I’m glad she is okay! That is scary but it’s amazing how the parenting reflexes can go into high gear in those situations isn’t it?

  11. OMG! I’m so glad she is alright! I can only imagine how scared you were! Thank Heavens for Guardian Angels 🙂

  12. Oh my goodness, your post made me stop breathing! I have said to my husband many times that we need to do more babyproofing (for our 17-month-old!) at our house. I’m SO glad to hear that your daughter is okay!!!!

  13. Even though I already knew the details, reading it just makes my heart race. I check on Izzy like every 3 minutes Sat. night too…even though I knew she was fine! I’m so glad she’s OK.
    Oh, and I would be really happy if you would blog about those interesting ER people!

  14. Thank the Angels! So glad that you all made it through this in one peice. My heart stopped beating when you were describing the noise that you heard, the thud, 12 years have past and I still remember the thud I heard when my own son was dancing in the living room and fell on the firplace. and I was scared, and it was so quiet. He had his angels that night too!

  15. I had the very same heart stopping moment when my oldest fell down the entire flight of stairs just after her first birthday. I will never forget it. And like Isabelle she ended up being totally fine, thank God.

  16. Oh, that is so scary! We have only been to the ER once and it is a “trip” I don’t want to repeat!!

  17. I am so glad she is okay! That made my heart stop just reading it–I can’t imagine.

  18. I am glad to hear that she is okay. So much for date night, Huh? Maybe next weekend. Good luck with that. =)

  19. Oh my, I can just imagine how scared you must have been. I’m just happy that everyone was okay in the end. I’ve heard that Mom’s have lifted cars to get to their babies and I don’t doubt it for a minute. Thankfully you were there for her so quickly! And thank goodness for Guardian Angels!!!

  20. OMG how scary!! Glad she is okay and you are okay…Hugs!!

  21. I am so glad she is okay! It would have scared me to death, too. God is so good!

  22. Oh my gosh Krystyn..how scary. I am SOOO glad that everything turned out ok. Thank God for guardian angels! I cant imagine hearing that scream and not knowing what happened for those few seconds.
    Sorry you didnt get a date night though 🙁 Theres always tomorrow! lol
    (I have never bolted anything down or to the wall either!)

  23. Dennis and Leslie says:

    So glad everything turned out ok!

    p.s. I’m soooo calling child protective services on you…for not bolting your dressers to the wall.

    hee hee, just joking…love ya 😉

  24. So glad she was okay, minus the bumps. It’s amazing how fast we can move when we are scared for our kiddos, isn’t it?

  25. Isn’t so sad when you post something and you know you will be judged. Even if it is just friendly mommy advice you feel like someone is out there shaking their head at you.
    I would have done the same as you, freaked out and went to the er. After that whole natasha thing I am scared to death when they hit their heads now.

  26. Yikes – I’m glad she is OK. That is a fear that is always in my mind about E’s dresser. I think it’s 5 drawers but still a kids dresser.

    Yay for Chick Fila too!!


  27. I am so glad Izzy is ok!! No mommy advice here…I promise!!
    Here’s my ER story
    I remember Preston was bringing down a bag from the boys room so excited it had a bb pic in it-I completely forgot that it was the bag I had just got through putting a broken pic of a bb player in (stupid me) and he ended up falling on the bag and the glass went into his leg-16 stitches later….he was fine!

  28. ahhh I’m so glad she’s ok. You poor things, that must have been so scary. And chick fil a, always yummy! =) and so funny and true about people watching!

  29. *GASP!* My heart stopped reading this. I’m SO glad she’s ok!

  30. Oh! Thank the good Lord she was okay!!! My heart stopped just reading the story!!

    I was watching kids for a lady at church, and one of them needed to use the bathroom. She’s 4, and it was just across the hall, so I let her go since the babies were still in the room. Well of course I heard a BOOM and heard her yell. My heart literally stopped as I ran for the bathroom! Luckily it was just teh door (it echoes so it sounds loud) and she *almost* got her foot smashed inthe door (its also very heavy).

    Anyway, we are so lucky to have people watching over us 🙂 Glad your little one is okay! I know it had to have been scary!!

  31. I was scared just reading that! Thank goodness she’s OK and escaped with a few minor bumps.

  32. Oh thank goodness she’s okay! I’m so panicked about things like that, especially like you said, she seemed so fine you worry about something being really wrong.

  33. Sparkette says:

    Whew. My heart stopped when I read that! Yikes. Where would we be if our children didn’t make sure we were movin and shakin 24 hours a day 🙂

  34. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    A dresser fell over on top of V just last year. AND he is 7!! It happens. ER’s though-just nerve wracking.

  35. Oh yeah…that would DEF. make my heart stop too. It almost stopped just reading it! I’m sooo glad she’s ok though!

  36. blueviolet says:

    You did the right thing by taking her to the ER. You just never know when a bump to the head could be substantial. I’m so glad it all turned out ok. 🙂

  37. My heart goes out to you…what a scary experience. Thank goodness for her litle guardian angel :o)

  38. Oh my gosh, I’m so thankful that she is ok. What a scary night!

  39. SO glad to hear that she is okay!
    We have had a couple of those blood curdling screaming moments and I swear my heart stopped. Days after the kids recovered, I was still a mess.

  40. oh my! thank goodness she is ok. i know how horrible it is to hear that scream when something happens.

    i agree…people watching at the ER = great fun!

  41. Oh gosh K.

    I am SO SO SO happy that everything is okay. What a scare, I can only imagine what you felt.


  42. trifitmom says:

    i am so glad she is ok

  43. No ass-vice here. Just so happy all of you are okay!!!

  44. Oh my goodness friend I am so glad to hear that she is ok!! That is so beyond scary!!

    YIKES! I hope you are all are doing better, a scare like that can take awhile to recover from! And remember to reschedule that date night! 🙂

  45. Your Guardian Angels were there! I don’t think I could read fast enough to find out if Izzy was okay….I got oober scared! People watching is so much fun to do. (especially as a theatre person) Izzy really deserved that Chick-fil-a…What a trooper!!

    Love, Mere

  46. I watched mt daughter tumble head over tush down the stairs when she was 2! I can still feel the sense of helplessness as I watched her. She was perfectly fine aside from a bump on the head. I don’t think I let her back on the stairs until she was 5!

  47. Poor little Izzy. I am so glad she is ok. I know that it must have been extremely scary.

  48. I’m glad she is okay! This same thing happened to my nieghbor’s daughter and she was luckily okay too.

  49. We had the same thing happen to our son and I swear reading your post was like reliving it all over again. Glad she was fine

  50. Very scary. Thank goodness Izzy is okay.

    I felt the same way posting Wyatt’s ER story. We have a gate – it was open for just a second while my husband warmed up his car…

    Oh well.

  51. yikes…my heart just skipped a beat. i am sooooo glad that she is okay. at least you were dressed and ready to go to the ER. the first time i fed my Kirstyn a bite of eggs and she had an allergic reaction i was sitting there wearing a tshirt and panties and calling the nurse line wondering how i would find some shorts and a bra before the paramedics arrived!

    i have those bracket things too, but none of them are installed!

    i love to people watch.

  52. We all have those moments..those near misses no matter how vigilant. Hugs, Jen

    P.S: Did you get my email? Jen

  53. Glad she was ok. This similar thing happened to my Niece and the chest of drawers broke her femur! She was about Izzy’s age then! So glad glad it was nothing tooo serious! Straps and bolting…I have them too and NOPE NEVER used them either! NOPE and even reading your story not going to and even after my nieces ordeal did not bolt the funiture to the wall because you know why…THEY DID NOT HAVE THESE THINGS we we were kids and we all survived! It is just a freak accident that turned out OK!

  54. I’m so glad she is okay! How scary!!!

    And I love that you requested no parenting advice!! You don’t need it!

  55. that had to be totally scary. so glad she is ok. did you get to go on your date?

  56. Oh, how scary. Thank goodness she’s okay.

    You’re right, the ER is a good place to people watch. I was there once when my son spiked a high fever and there was this old guy talking to his feet. He was all, “Now hang on guys. We’ll be seen soon.”

  57. I’m so glad she’s ok! I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been.

  58. That is so scary. My heart was racing as I read your post. Glad she’s alright!!!

  59. I got chills reading this. This would be so terrifying! That scream would have sent me into a panic. I’m very happy she was okay. Poor Miss Izzy!

  60. Man, I’m SO glad you both were able to get the dresser off of her in record time.

    You’re right, an angel was definitely watching over her!

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