Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweetheart


You came rushing into our lives TWO years ago (the day before your sister’s second birthday) and had a fabulous first birthday.

And, now, you are two!  TWO!  Seriously, how did you get so old so quickly?

You make some super silly faces.  And, you say “one more time” so preciously that I can’t deny you what you are asking for.  Well, let’s be honest, after asking for the “shake-y” song “one more time” for the fifth time, I do say “no.”

You have turned into quite the little lady and you are losing your baby face more everyday.  You went on your first carnival ride without any adult supervision.  (Yes, mommy was terrified for you).

You love dancing and shaking your hips and moving your arms.  And, singing?  Oh, my goodness do you sing.  You sing in Spanish and English and you learn so quickly.  (I’m certain you get that from mommy…don’t tell daddy.)

Sometimes you throw fits; most of the time when you don’t get your way.  Sometimes you take all of your clothes and diaper off when you are mad. 

Most of the time you are a very happy girl, like when we let you eat an entire single-serving container of butter.  You were thrilled (all the while, I sat back gagging and thankful I couldn’t see much in the view finder).  This still grosses me out.  But, you were happy, and we were enjoying dinner.

And, you can chow down on any candy.  Yep, you get that from mommy, too.  You are finally understanding that you can’t always have a popsicle after dinner, especially, if you don’t finish your dinner.

You have been sleeping in a big girl bed for a week now.  You love it.  Every morning you tell me “my big bed.”  Even this morning, when I went to wake you up, and found you on the floor, you said “my big bed” “I fall on floor.”  When I asked if you were okay, you said “mmm hmmm” in the cutest, sweetest voice ever. 

When you want to be sweet, you are as sweet as can be.  You will lay in my lap and say “kikle (tickle), mommy, kikle.”  Then, when I do, you laugh for a minute, and say “no kikle.”  Then two seconds later, it starts all over again.  And yet, when you feel you aren’t being heard, you have this squeal that I’m certain is close to glass-shattering frequency.  Of course, you use it at the most opportune times, like in a store, or a restaurant, or in the kitchen.

And, you are demanding and like to bark orders like “come here, mommy” or “come up, mommy” or “get me. daddy.”  This one?  I have no idea where you get it.

Honestly, truthfully, you are a very independent, do-it-my-way, loving, caring and sweet girl.  We wouldn’t have you any other way.

Happy birthday, sweet #2.  We love you so much and can’t wait to see what year three has in store!

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  1. Happy Birthday N!! You are loved and admired!

    Happy early birthday Izzy!! May your day be filled with big princess dreams.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! What a sweet entry on your little N! Hope your week of birthday celebration’s is the best!

  3. happy birthday sweet N! Following the link at the bottom, I read her birth story. So glad after 28 hours you were able to push her out. Me? I ended in a C-Section after 28 hours. Thanks, Connor 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post to your daughter on her birthday. Happy Birthday to her and Happy Birthing Day to you….

  5. Such a sweet little girl! I hope she has the best birthday. 🙂

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday Nat! I have loved “watching” you grow! You’re going to be an AWESOME big sister!!

    Love, Mere

  7. Awww. It goes too fast. What a little sweetie.
    Happy Birthday N!

  8. Aww. What a little sweetie. 🙂
    Happy Birthday, N!

  9. Happy Birthday to your precious little girl. She surely has entertained us here on the blog too!

  10. Oh my gosh she is just so adorable – love all of your descriptions, especially the big girl bed story – so sweet! Happy birthday N!

  11. Awww, that is so sweet! Happy Birthday big girl!! 🙂

    Hope your birthday week is fabulous mama!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet #2 on her #2 birthday!!! That’s such a fun age, Krystyn, and you did such a lovely job writing about all sweet things N! She’s got a big year ahead of her!!!

  13. I hope her day is delightful!
    And congrats on your wonderful news:)

  14. mrs. hils says:

    Is it the Wiggles Shakey song? “Hey there, Shakey-Shakey. Shakin’ is fun to do…” If yes, that is popular in our house as well. Happy BIrthday Sweet N! I’m going to celebrate your day by drinking one of my new Honest Teas that I won from your ma!

  15. Happy Birthday, Sampson! Emo loves you so much!

  16. And Happy Belated Birthday again! It’s very busy in your house this time of year!

    Another wonderful keepsake of a post. I hope your girls will keep your words with them always.

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