Helping end period poverty, one pad at a time [Video]


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I can’t imagine not being able to do life because of my period. I mean, there have been times where the discomfort has made me not want to do things but to actually not be able to go to school or participate in activities that I wanted and needed to do? I can’t fathom it.

help end period poverty

So, think about this for a minute, nearly 1 in 5 girls have missed activities because they can’t afford period protection. If I look around one of my daughters’ classrooms, that means that out of the 15 or so girls, roughly 3 of them are missing time at school. Just in that one class.

Friends, this is not a third world country (where yes, I’ve seen first-hand there are problems as well), but this is right in our own backyards. Our daughters, friends at school, classmates and loved ones are in this very predicament. I’m thankful that our schools often have “extra” period supplies, but I’m not certain this is standard.

This isn’t just about school. Think about the confidence girls can gain with extra activities, and then pull that away from them because they can’t participate or attend. Girls shouldn’t have to skip something they love because of something that happens to them naturally every.single.month.

Girls in Karate

Watch the new Live #LikeAGirl video

This video will likely be very eye opening if you’ve been privileged to not have to worry about where your supplies will come from when you have your next period. If that’s the case, please make sure to share with others and spread awareness.

I’m giving you a tissue warning now, your eyes might start leaking when you watch this video and hear the girls talk.

Why are Always and Walmart trying to spread awareness to #EndPeriodPoverty?

It’s hard being a girl and being confident. Helping girls be confident and stay confident are high on their priority list. Always Live #LikeAGirl is all about helping girls stay confident. Previous efforts have done that by encouraging girls to stay in sports and encouraging them to persevere through failure—both of which are key confidence boosters.

This year, Always and Walmart are taking it to the next level. Their campaign is aimed at keeping her involved in the confidence-boosting activities she loves—by helping tackle period poverty.

Period poverty is a real problem in the U.S. In addition to missing school, it also means missing out on activities they love. And the side effects of missing out can be just as real.

At puberty, girls’ confidence plummets, and having to miss activities because of lack of access to period products, which only makes this drop in confidence worse. These activities help build her confidence and skills, and missing out can limit a girl’s potential and opportunities far beyond puberty.

Girls in karate

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How can we help end period poverty?

Make donations on your own to your local school, food banks and pantries. Check to see if there is a resource in your area that accepts period protection donations. See about donating period kits as well. 

Always and Walmart are donating a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states. Share the new Always Live #LikeAGirl video to spread awareness about period poverty. #EndPeriodPoverty

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