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Hey, how’d you get here?


Now that I’ve had some interesting searches, and even broken the 100+ a day hits mark (wow, soooo impressive, right?), I thought I’d see how some of you got here.

Turns out, most people come from other people that love me. So, thanks for the linky love. Now, others, not so much. Apparently, I don’t talk about things too exciting, but there are a couple good ones. And, really, most of them seem to make sense. That’s what’s a little sad? I mean why didn’t anybody get here looking for hot dogs or amusement parks or something equally as fun?

“you are huge” “belly shots”: Why in all of God’s creation would you be looking for this? Are you looking for a large pregnant woman who was bold enough to take pictures? And, more importantly, what are you doing with said pictures. I shiver to think of the thought. Remember when I was looking for a silhouette or something similar for a shower announcement?

gold lamay sports bra: I actually know why (see first post) you got here on this one, but why were you looking for such fashionable work out attire? We’ve already discussed how awful this is.

lazy two’s: I don’t know what this person was looking for, but I’m sure they are quite similar to lazy ones and threes? Maybe? Anybody have any other suggestions?

prayer bear: We’ve already been down this road, haven’t we?

serious toast: What is un-serious toast? I can’t ponder this enough. Wait, maybe it’s a toast for a wedding or some other occassion? Hmmm…not going to find that here? Nothing serious…moving on.

why are women’s restrooms nastier than mens: Having not been in too many men’s restrooms, I feel I can’t adequately answer this one. Of all of the men’s and women’s I’ve been in, the men are definitely “nastier.”

So, there you have it, the first edition of our “how’d you get here?” Nothing too exciting, right? Hope everybody has a marvelous Tuesday….maybe I should go and answer Dana’s questions about who inspires me. That might be more interesting.

help peacefull georgia mountain getaways were to go: Well, besides your inability to spell, I hope I guided you in the right direction. We definitely found the perfect place to babymoon.


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  1. Ok, with this comment, I am going to sound like blogee dumbie. But, I have been reading on how people are finding out how readers are getting to their blogs via internet search words. How do you find this info out? And if it includes installing Google Analytics, thats why I have no clue, because well I can’t figure out how to do that!

  2. Haha! I’ll have to post how people find me, b/c they are equally bizarre!

  3. Ok Tara..I’m right there with you..how do you know how people find you?? I’ve seen a few people do this and have always wondered! 😉
    Wow..some of those things are really bizzare!

  4. Didya have that baby yet? I’m waiting for you!

    I am a huge fan of the serious toast one. It made me practically spit out my water I started laughing so hard.

    Yes. I found it that funny. No I don’t know why.

  5. Most of the searches that lead to my blog are from the Girls Next Door, b/c I compared the Girls Next Door to the polygamist families. (It was funny! hee hee)

    I like reading the weird searches that people’s blogs turn up!

  6. I’m with Tara and Stephanie: endlessly curious how you find out this info…I’m not that computer savvy!

  7. The Google searches are always good for a laugh. 🙂

  8. You have me cracking up – as usual. But how do you find these searches? This is hysterical!

  9. Those are so funny! I want to know how people get to my blog. How do you know???

  10. What people Google is sometimes beyond me.

    Those are funny though! 🙂

  11. those are some good ones friend!!

    how are you feeling??

  12. Ha! Those are funny. 🙂

  13. hahaha thats funny – I get most my weird hits from my MM posts 🙂 they are funny to look though though!

  14. I got here by googling really hawt, really serious, really pregnant blogger!
    And here I am!
    I got here from Google reader.
    These were great!
    I love to check out analytics…too funny!

  15. I love these posts about how people got here. Now if only I could figure out Google Analytics I could do one! : )

    Now, no more posting about that prayer bear, m’kay?

  16. googling……hmmm.

    I’m actually VERY curious sometimes how the random commenters I get found me. (and no- they’re usually not fellow mommies…)


  17. this is so funny! i love some of the search topics, crazy!

  18. oh my goodness.. this post was a riot!!! RIOT!!

    Makes you wonder what people ARE REALLY looking for.. or at least.. now it’s starting to make me wonder… tee hee!!

  19. I need to do one of these posts soon. Yours were interesting for sure.

  20. Google searches rock!
    Too funny. congrats on 100+ 🙂

  21. LOL LOL THIS was tooo funny! HOPE you are haning in there! TAKE it easy!

  22. haha….you are too funny. 😉 And yeah, I think I found your blog the boring way…through someone else! Oh well…I’m glad I found it!

  23. Yay on hitting 100. I love when people post their google searches, it is always so funny!

  24. I have to agree mens bathrooms have to be way nastier.

    I love google analytics.

    Always good for a laugh.

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