Honesty from Emily

Emily tagged me to do 16 things about me. But, well, I’ve already done 100 things about me, so I couldn’t think of 16 more. Mrs. Cup did the Honest Scrap thing, but she did hers with a twist. She had her hubby answer.

So, I asked my sister to send me some interesting factoids about me to pass on to you (and I asked my hubby, too, but Emily responded faster).

1. you can eat an entire lime in minutes with just a little salt
I think I’ve told you guys about that before. I’ve gotten better, though. It’s bad for my teeth, so I hardly ever do it.

2. you research anything and everything before you buy it
So true…vacuum, mini-van, tvs, pretty much anything…I like to know I’m getting a good deal.

3. you don’t have a single stretch mark after having 2 kids
None from the kids anyways.

4. you are very loyal and protective
Can’t think of anything to write about this one.

5. you LOVE a good bargain, and don’t settle for anything less, or if you do, you will be sure to tell all about it…like the Gap jeans you had that I liked that you paid full price for
Also, true. Who wants to pay full price? And for the record, I had a 30% off coupon for those jeans….they just weren’t on the sale rack.

6. persistent…if you want an answer, you will get one! if that means staying on hold or not being the most kind person you will get what you wanted!!
Me, not nice? Just do what I want…m’kay?

7. you don’t drink much and are not a partier..never really have been
Also true. There were a couple of exceptions in college, but nothing crazy.

8. you are comfortable in your own skin..you don’t care if you are taking a bath and i walk in, or if your boob is hanging out while you burp n
Well, I was going to edit this one, but what the heck. Yep, she’s come in when I’m in the tub in my birthday suit. What can I say, you lose pretty much all modesty after childbirth.

9. you love candy (licorice and snaps esp), but don’t keep much in the house
Oh I have such a sweet tooth…let me go get a Lifesaver now. Okay, that’s better. If I kept much in the house, my booty would be even bigger than it already is.

10. you put your kids first..you have a comforter on your bed from college, but you don’t even mind, and “i” has a super cute new one, and one for an additional bed! that’s love!
Seriously, who goes into my bedroom. This might be more of a reflection of my lack of commitment to decorations. I can’t think of a color that I would like, so I don’t want to buy anything. The comforter from college happens to match the UGLY mauve walls in my bedroom, so it stays. Sad? Maybe. But that’s me.

11. you like electronic stuff…heart rate monitor, fancy camera, designing blogs..i don’t know if those are electronics but you like gadgets and actually read the manual to learn how to use them correctly
Yes, I’m a dork. I love to learn.

12. a paper was published with your name on it
Actually, there is more than one. These are scientific papers in real journals. And, I thought about linking to them, but well, then you would know just a little bit too much more about me. Let’s say they are quite interesting, though!

13. you like the smell and taste of strawberries…esp homemade strawberry pie
And, nobody makes good strawberry pie like my aunt. She makes the best!

14. you don’t mind things being a little messy and unorganized as long as the girls are happy and you and papa bear are comfortable
I’m sure some of you would call it more than “a little” but that’s me! Priorities, right? Between working and then being a mom, I feel like I don’t have time to be me and to clean. So, the cleaning goes on the backburner.

15. you don’t like coffee…but you like to go to starbucks and get that funky pumpkin spice thing (yuck! sorry!)
Coffee…yuck. Pumpkin spiced latte (decaf with soy, and no whip).

16. you don’t like dogs, esp if they are big and smell
Not a fan. Don’t know why…don’t remember an attack, but I just don’t really like dogs. There are some pictures of cute ones out there, I just don’t want to smell them, hear them, or touch them.

17. you don’t tan easily
Pasty as a cream pastry. Seriously, a tan on me is lobster red.

18. you don’t own an ipod…thats a big deal, it’s almost like you are not american! j/k
Rachel is getting me excited about the i-Pod touch. Seriously, the fact that it connects to the internet and you can play games….awesome!

So, note this now…things on my wish list (because, I seriously, never have a wish list): i-Pod touch, navigation system for the car, Flip camera…I’m just saying. Anybody want to give me one? Okay, back to the fun facts about me.

19. you can always drink a good margarita, but are disciplined enough to stick with just one
Well, not always true. But most of the time. Don’t think I am all uptight or anything like that. I’ve really loosened up!

20. you pick skin. mostly yours, sometimes others. kinda weird
She wrote this one, but I changed the wording, just a bit…it was just a little too much for you all.

So, there’s some fun new things about me that I would seriously never write. Hope you enjoy!

And, I didn’t realize I needed to do some tagging, so here you go:
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  1. Oh that was too funny!
    What a great idea to have Em answer them!
    Her answers crack me up!

  2. Too funny (but the skin thing was kind of weird). I hear ya on the pumpkin spice latte…yum! And no stretch marks?!? Lucky girl!!!

  3. Ok, so I know I don’t have many followers but tag me with something! That was fun to do and really made me think! Did Papa bear ever respond? You gotta post his, too!

  4. I love it!! We share a lot of things…especially #’s 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, and 17!

  5. Smart A$$ Mom says:

    Really? Skin picker? Like pimples and black heads or like you chew your cuticles.

    I need to know, man.

    Not that I needed any confirmation you are sweeter than pie, but that just summarized what I already figured.

  6. I love that your sister came up with those – how cool! I don’t know that my sister would be quite so nice about mine. LOL.

  7. haha…that is awesome…got me giggling a few times too – and you’re brave to post all that stuff! 😉

  8. I love strawberries too!! They’re my fave! 🙂 Fun Challenge 🙂

    Love, Mere

  9. I love it! That was interseting…thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Is she talking about a sunburn peel? I’m obsessed when that happens to me or anyone around me, HA!

    interesting facts. I think we might be long lost sisters.

  11. This was fun to read! And mmmmm…now i want a pumpkin spice latte (decaf, nonfat, no whip please!)

  12. What a cute game, and very nice little factoids! I wonder what some people would say about me…

    Anyway, the iPod Touch kicks major bootie! You definitely need one. There are so many games/aps for free that are just so fun and/or handy. I dumped my agenda book and use my iPod as a PDA because the applications can basically turn it into an agenda. There is also a really funny game with penguins that through themselves at polar bears (strange but cute), and many educational games as well.

    I don’t know if your children like educational games, but they have some on the iPod made specifically to teach vocabulary in a fun way, there is also this Disney game with fairies… but I think that cost money.. I’m not sure.

    Anyway, its awesome! It was definitely worth it. I bought the older model at bestbuy.com because it was much cheaper then the new one. The only real difference between the first gen and the second generation model is that the second one has external speakers. They are convenient but I didn’t think it was entirely necessary when the older one was $80 cheaper…

    I’ll stop talking now. BTW, I posted your badge on my blog.

  13. Bargains are the best!

    And I can relate to the tanning, but hey, now with the Twilight series being so popular, maybe pale will become the new tan!


  14. That was hilarious! haha – I’ve never had a pumkin spice latte… and I can tell you research everything 🙂 man, I hope I take after you and dont have any stretch marks!!! my mom doesnt, so that should count in my favor, right?? Or did you use some special cream/lotion?? Do tell!!

    I sent it to Brian so that he could see what he has to do – what a fun idea!!! thanks for the Tag!!!

  15. This is really cute – I’m currently having Tim work on it.

    Yes, I’m still catching up. Haha!

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