How to do the “I Love You” Baby Massage for Gassy Tummies


Do you know how do to the “I love you” baby massage for gassy tummies? Keep reading to learn how!

All of our babies make it to about the two week mark before experiencing the dreaded gassy tummy. With the first, I had no idea what I was doing. With the second, I did a little research and decided to cut dairy from my diet.

How to do an

It made a difference, but her poor tummy was still super gassy. With the third, I cut the milk immediately and researched even more.

Somebody (I have no idea who) told me and showed me the “I love you” baby massage and we didn’t look back.

With Baby B, I cut the dairy and gluten and it helped even more, but she still needed those tummy massages.

In fact, now that she is getting table food, those massages come in handy for other tummy issues.

Mother massaging of newborn baby

I wanted to share a massage video, and then thought, nope, no babies sans clothes so hopefully, text will do!

For her massages, we started with baby lotion we had on hand and that worked okay, but then we tested out the Baby Mantra calming massage oil with apricot and avocado oil.

It’s much easier for our hands to glide on her skin and leaves it gently scented.

Baby massage. masseur massages baby's tummy during colic. newborn with colic without clothes is lying on his back, mother's hand on his stomach helps her cope with colic. hand in his mouth, teething.

I start with my baby on a clean surface such as the floor. I pour a little of the massage oil onto my hands and make sure it gets all the way to my finger tips.

How to do the I love you massage for baby

Making the “I”

Facing her, I use two or three fingers, and start on her right side of her abdomen up at her ribs. I trace an “I” going down her abdomen to her hip joint.

Then, I move slightly to to her left and repeat going all the way across her body.

Making the “L”

Going across her abdomen from her right to left, I form the long side of an “L”.

Then I make a 90-degree turn and go down her side of her abdomen to complete the “L.”

Making the “U”

Starting at her right hip bone, go up to her ribs, then go across her tummy in a continuous motion, and back down her left side her her abdomen back down to her left hip

How to do the I love you massage for inants and babies with gas

The I love you massage really does work.

In fact, I sometimes do it on my older kids too when they are having an upset tummy. Think I can get somebody to do the massage on me?

Other gassy baby massage options.

If the “I love you” massage isn’t working, there are a couple other options you can try. 

One option is bicycling baby’s legs up against their tummy one leg at a time. This can be tricky if they won’t let you bend their legs, but it’s a great option that also helps with upset tummy and gas. 

If you can’t do one leg at a time, pumping both legs into baby’s tummy gently can also offer some gas relief.

Do this several times or before/until baby gets frustrated. Of course, you never want to make things worse for them. 

Mother massaging her newborn baby's tummy. Gymnastic, physical training, strengthening exercises for babies, early development, healthcare concept.

I’ve heard from newer parents that the Windi Gas and Colic Reliever is also very helpful!

Do you have a “go to” trick for helping babies with their gassy tummies?

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  1. What a great trick and tip! I’m pinning the I L U for later use!! I’ve not heard of this product line before, but it looks like it would make a wonderful gift for new moms! Also – could your daughter be any sweeter in that first picture!! <3

  2. I loved doing baby massage. it was an important part of our bedtime routine.

  3. angela higdon says:

    I did tummy massage for my baby when he was young..he was VERY gassy, much more than my other two! Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Love this! And that photo of your little has me smiling at the screen 🙂

    I did a lot of infant massage with my oldest when he was brand new, and wish this had been around then!

  5. I used this technique when my babies were little – it always worked, too! Great tip!

  6. We have loved these products!
    I wish I would have known about the oil when B was a baby.. but we are using it now and it seems to have helped with night time

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