How we made our living room seem bigger


When we bought our house, 6 years ago, several of the window covers came with it. And, despite not liking them, or the color, they remained. They did the job.

Anna's Linen's Review

Honestly, it wasn’t as if I never found the right ones….I had never been looking. So, when I was presented with the chance to hit up Anna’s Linens and do a little shopping, I knew that was exactly what I was going to look for. There are 300 Anna’s Linens stores in the United States, and in addition to selling high quality bedding, bath accessories and other home decor items, they also sell window coverings at super low prices.

I knew that I wanted lighter curtains that what we had. They are so dark and make our room seem so small and dark. I was hoping I could find something light that would also fit on the existing rods we had to keep my costs even lower. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed when I walked in.

Anna's Linen's Review

E, however, was totally impressed and thought it was a super fun store. As we rolled by one of the curtains, she scooped one up and thought it was perfect for peek-a-boo. I had to agree.

Anna's Linen's Review

We decided after walking around several times on some sheer yet lined, off-white curtains. Even better? They were marked $16.99 a piece and when I brought them to the register, they were only $12.99 each. That’s way cheaper than I ever thought I’d be able to find.

Anna's Linen's Review

And, I think they look fabulous. Our living room is lighter and brighter and seems bigger. We ended up only needing two panels, too.

Anna's Linen's Review

My only concern is that because our windows are single pane, these aren’t going to keep the heat and cool out a nicely as the previous ones, but only time will tell. 

Anna’s Linens is on pinterest, too where you can see all of their design inspiration. 

I received a gift card to use towards my purchase at Anna’s Linens. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are my own.


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  1. LOVE the new curtains! They look great, and I am so glad you got rid of the other ones you had. They were so heavy and dark. Can’t wait to see them in person on my next ATL visit.

  2. they look lovely. I hope they help with the heat and cold.

  3. grandma pat says:

    they look great. I am wanting something similar in a red or burgundy for the kitchen. Something sheer but not too sheer. They really brighten up the room.

  4. They look great. We’ve been in our house for over 6 years, and I still haven’t put up any drapes. We have blinds, but drapes would make the rooms look so much more polished.

  5. love the new look. we had dark curtains to block out light and heat… now we have the faux wood blinds…

  6. Your yard looks so beautiful! The curtains do look much nicer.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  7. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as curtains can completely change the look of a room? Love the lighter color you chose.

  8. Curtains are the ONE thing that I have such a hard time picking out. Seriously. A really difficult time. I still don’t like half of the window treatments I have in my house. I should hire a designer just to help my with my windows. 😉

    Great new curtains! They really change the room up.

  9. Definitely gonna give Anna Linens a try… I need a couch cover for what used to be a cream couch lol

  10. Mary Happymommy says:

    They look really crisp and airy!

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