If I Twittered…


…this would be my tweet…

What about a minivan makes somebody call me “miss” and then hit on me?

(Would that qualify? Does it fit?)

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  1. i have a whole post in my drafts called if i twittered. or tweeted. or whatever it's called.

    whew whew (that's me whistling at you in your mini van miss)


  2. Maybe they were hungry and wanted the stray cheerios on the floor? (not saying you are messy 🙂

  3. lol yes, that works! You're a natural, now you just need a twitter page! haha And I have no idea what about the minivan makes you get hit on (or called miss)… clearly this person is not very observant!

  4. That would make a great tweet…what would it take to convince you to join Twitter?…please, pretty please ;o)

  5. Oh, you didn't get the memo? Vans are the new convertible…

  6. ok, I'm going to have to hear the rest of that story tomorrow!

  7. Sparkette says:

    LOL! 🙂 Sounds good!

  8. that's a good one… happens to my SIL all the time… and my husband who drives the minivan in our family 🙂

  9. I'm driving an Expedition for my nanny job and I get the same thing! I also get a lot of dirty looks because people think I'm their mom!! FRUSTERATING!!

    Love, Mere

  10. Well, obviously married with children is the new sexy. Ha-ha.

    I'm a horrible twitter-er 🙂

  11. Perfect. So, when are you gonna start tweetin' with us! You're already a pro! : )

  12. lol…..I'd love to start tweeting too, but don't have a text plan on the phone right now….

    Some people, eh?….I guess you can be glad he called you miss……

  13. Hilarious! I agree w/everyone else….you should totally start a Twitter account!

  14. A fabulous tweet indeed.
    So…when are you joining the rest of us twits?

  15. A lot of men see women as being helpless. I guess they automatically think people who drive minivans are old. Who knows?

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