It’s a random Friday again


Because it’s Friday and I was up approximately a million times between the past two nights alternating between potty trips and ibuprofen doses, I’m going random today.

*Day two with the little one being home.  Icky cough and her “mouth” (I think she means throat hurts).  But, we’ve been enjoying our solo time together.  No strep throat or ear infection.  Just a virus, I guess.

*We’ve just watched a couple movies.

Home sick

*I didn’t cut or even trim my hair.  It’s just getting crazier and crazier.  But, I did think the title was a little funny (intentionally) of that post because I was eluding to cutting or not cutting and finding out the gender, too.  Sneaky of me.

*I never thought or even imagined that I would have my own story to add to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, but sadly, I do.  It’s all this month.

*At the same time, I’m so blessed to have this baby girl cooking inside me.  And, she totally has her daddy’s feet.  Long second toe and all!

baby girl's foot

*After an unauthorized continuance, the neighbors were supposed to go to court for the dog chase yesterday.  I’m hoping to hear something back soon about the medical bills and costs.  Crossing my fingers.

*We got some really good news from Mr. Serious’ work today.  God is awesome and it’s truly amazing when things work out just so.

*Next week, the biggest and I are headed to Disney on Ice.  Shhh…don’t tell her.  But, I’m pretty sure she’s going to freak out!

*And, I’ve got TWO birthday girls next week. How are they going to be 5 and 3?  I don’t even comprehend it.  So, look out for some birthday posts dedicated to two very special girls.

*Speaking of birthdays, the loft beds have arrived and will be put together next weekend.  Which means that the girls could, in theory be sharing a room.  This scares me a little…well, really a lot, but I hope that it’s a quick and easy transition and they sleep instead of playing.

*I found out I won 3 cloth diapers from Change Diapers and I’m super excited.  I haven’t won anything in a while, so this was much of a surprise.  I can’t believe how excited I am about cloth diapers.

*I went to a phone event last night and got to play with some new 4G phones.  It was exciting.  But, then, I didn’t win one.  So, I’m stuck with my crappy one that makes me force close even the phone function.  It can’t even do that basic one right anymore.  Think they’ll let me upgrade 4 months early.

*I love that the girls both know the words to the Lion King soundtrack.  They are going to be super excited when they get the movie next week for their birthday.

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  1. Love randoms! I just got an email this morning that our copy of the Lion King shipped out this morning 🙂 Yay for cloth diapers and for winning things (boo it wasn’t a phone)! Yay for birthday girls!

    1. Apparently ours was delayed until end of November, so I had to go to the store to get it.

      I think my phone knows it wanted to be’s in bad shape.

  2. Maggie had that sickeness about a month ago. She kept saying her neck hurt and (duh) stupid mommy didn’t think to look at her throat until the next day! Hope she feels better soon!

    Oh and love the little baby foot! too cute!

    1. Poor thing…her throat actually wasn’t that red…she still has a bad cough a week later, though.

  3. Sounds like life is good … other than your girl being sick, of course, I hope you get good news about the dog situation and get reimbursed for your medical bills. Just awful! People keep saying, “It’s not the breed,” but a 13-year-old girl here was attacked by her own p.b. this week and now needs reconstructive surgery on her face. The dog had to be shot three times before it would let her go. Glad you and your cooking bebe are OK!

    1. I guess I should blog about it..I finally got *most* of the medical costs covered, but at this point, I’ll take it.

      Ummm, they are bred to attack and kill…I don’t get it.

      Yes, we are doing very well!

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