Itti Bitti Tutto One-Sized Minkee Review


Here we are four and a half months in and still cloth diapering strong. We even brought our diapers to Michigan (there’s another post for that), and still haven’t used “sposies.” (I don’t even have any in the house, so it’s not an option).

And, I have to say there are so many good options out there. Our stash has several brands in it and they each have their own perks and times and places.

Recently, we were introduced to the itti bitti tutto one-sized minkee diaper (in the limited edition Ayannah print).

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

This is one trim diaper with many thirsty layers that can be adjusted as you adjust the rise of the diapers. We’ve been testing it from about 12lbs-15lbs and it’s been a great fit. And, the fact that it can fit up to a 44 lb child means it’s going to get a lot of bang out of it. The snaps can cross over at the top, to all the way open and huge. And, they have four rise settings which is one more than most of the other diapers we’ve tried.

itti bitti tutto

One of the best features of so many of our diapers are the leg gussets to prevent the poo from coming out. Well, they’ve taken that and one-upped it. They have an internal gusset that goes all the way around. They call this the aptly named “poo fence.” Here’s the thing. We’ve been testing it for quite some time, and it’s yet to catch a poo…so I can’t speak to the poo fence and it’s non-leaking, but it seems like it would be great for it.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

One of the features I really like is the hip snap. This is especially useful on the smaller settings to prevent wing droop and the diaper sagging.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

But, what’s really cool is that they have built-in snap covers for the snaps when you aren’t using them. They just tuck into a little pocket when you want to use the snaps, and snap onto them when you aren’t using the snaps. I wish that all one-size diapers came with these. Now you don’t have to worry about uncovered snaps digging into your little ones sides.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

Each diaper comes with three inserts, so you can adjust the absorbency and fit as your child grows and changes. The two larger inserts have a very nice stay dry layer on top. Even with a soaking wet diaper, the top is completely dry. The company says you can make the diaper (approximately $28) cheaper by purchasing extra soaker pads and reusing the outer shell like an AI2.  However, in my experience, because the diaper is so narrow and trim, some of the shell has always been slightly wet. Because the shell has fabric, you can’t wipe it clean and use it if it’s wet or soiled.

three inserts for itti bitti tutto

Our little girl is quite the heavy wetter, so for the first try, I went with all three soakers in diaper. However, with the three, it was so bulky on the smallest setting that it left gaps by her legs and when I was nursing her on her side, the pee went out the side. Subsequent uses, we used one big on and the little booster and didn’t have any more problems.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

The outside is a super soft and waterproof (so no cover needed, even though it seems like it might) minkee fabric. It is very soft of their skin. And, the elastic on her legs and waist was so smooth and soft I never noticed a red mark. 

The diaper is super trim in the bum, especially for a one size diaper.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

And, the fit between the legs is very nice. It is narrow and trim in the crotch which I really like. It has a lower rise than other diapers, too. I could adjust it to the next one, but I think this lowest rise still works on her really well.

Itti Bitti Tuttu Review

The inserts have a ton of snaps on them, but just taking a second, you see that all of the snaps are color coded, and it’s not tricky at all. I wouldn’t recommend trying to snap it all together with a baby waiting for a new diaper in front of you, but out of the dryer or sun and it’s no problem at all.

The waist snaps were the thing that gave me a little trouble. I never seemed to get it right on the first try and had to readjust to find a snap for the last snap to go into. I’m sure with more uses and if I was using more of this diaper if would come more naturally to me.

Overall, the fit is great and I really like the inner and outer material of the diaper. The price is a littler higher than what I’d typically pay, but because it goes up to 44 pounds, I think it’s very reasonable.

 You can find itti bitti on facebook, too.

Thank you to itti bitti for the diaper to review. All thoughts are my own.


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  1. Lindsey D. says:

    That diaper is gorgeous an I love the snap cover!

  2. Thanks for the review! I am so excited to start cloth diapering!

  3. I got one as a freebie and couldn’t stand the fit at first because the waist always gapped. Now that my guys has put on some more weight (10 mos) the waist finally fits right, though I have the rise fully unsnapped. He’s only 19lbs now so I wonder how much longer this will fit!

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