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We were out walking one day when our neighbor came running out of her house. After making sure everybody was okay, we learned that she had a pipe that broke in her kitchen and it was flooding. We made sure she had since turned the water line off and she asked us for the name and number of a plumber. Fortunately, I had my phone and I remembered our plumber’s name and he came to their rescue.

Had we not been there, she would have had to turn to the internet to search for a plumber (where she would have found one that likely charged a fortune for a late night call). Or she would have posted to Facebook or a community group and sat around and waited for people to reply, just like we did when looking for new windows. It took a couple days to have like 2 referrals. Then I had to call and arrange for quotes, etc. It was a month long process!

New windows going in

Knowzz app review

Not ideal when you need help like yesterday!

Now, she can turn to the Knowzz app.

Thank you to Knowzz for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are 100% my own!

I was recently introduced to the Knowzz app which a community driven mobile app helps find the best local service providers from people your know and trust – your friends. Finding recommended tutors, piano teachers, pediatric dentists, plumbers, electricians and handyman just became simple and easy.

Knowzz app Knowzz app

It is super easy to use. I just had to set up an account and verify my phone number. Then I could add my contacts from my phone, some of which were already categorized, and some I had to add. Then, if I was pleased with them, a little thumbs up and “recommended” action and good to go.

Knowzz App Knowzz App

From there I can invite friends to add their recommendations or I can look at recommendation of people “near me.”

Now, when I need a recommendation for a new pediatrician, or mechanic, or handyman, I can just pop over to Knowzz, find a service provider in the category I need and call them and/or map it right from the app. 

Founded by Steve Sobolevsky, former CTO of Whisper, Knowzz was created out of necessity when Sobolevsky moved to a new neighborhood and needed to find many new local services.

“Before my family moved, I didn’t have to think about finding a new dry cleaner or dentist because I had been using the same one for years,” said Sobolevsky. “But then we moved, and I found myself constantly soliciting recommendations from new neighbors and friends in the area, and waiting for their replies. I knew there had to be a better, easier way. That’s when the idea of Knowzz was born.”

The Knowzz app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play.

What service provider have you had a hard time finding? Would this help you? Download it and have a look!


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  1. Great tip! It seems like these are always the kinds of things you need in a hurry.

  2. I love technology for these apps that help our daily lives! I have to find if their is a local community near me.

  3. I always seek the recommendations of friends and family whenever I need service work done on the house or car. This app is terrific for those times when I need someone right away and don’t have time to wait for someone to get back to me with a name.

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