Me and My Man


Elaine tagged me for the meme about my man. I thought this one would be fun to play along.

What is his name? Mr. Serious

Who eats more? Typically him, but now that’s he’s dieting and I’m preggo, it might be a toss up.

Who said, “I love you” first? He did…in the car. I wasn’t ready for it at all, but I’m so glad he did.

Who is taller? He is by 10 inches. Wow, never thought of that!

Who drives most when you are togetherz? Typically him unless it’s right after fighting traffic after work.

Who’s more sensitive? This is a toughie. Sometimes me, sometimes him. He’s a big teddy bear.

Who does the laundry? Me. He’s intimidated by having to sort and make decisions about temperatures.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Right side when looking at the bed, me. Right side when laying in the bed, him….I’m confused.

Who pays the bills? Typically, I pay them, but I do most of them online.

Who cooks more? I do.

Who is more stubborn? Anybody that knows me know that this is ALL me.

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? We both are pretty good about it.

Who has more siblings? We each have one, but then I have a half-sister, a half-brother and a step-brother in addition…so I guess I do.

Who wears the pants? Most people would probably say me, but behind the scenes, it’s all him.

What do you like to do together? Go out to eat, go for a walk, go on vacation…it doesn’t take much.

Who eats more sweets? Me. Can you hear my teeth rotting?

Guilty Pleasures? Does this mean his? I guess his would center around food or treats.

How did you meet? In high school. We knew each other, and then saw the light. Turns out we went to different elementary schools, but we went on the same field trip with a small group of kids in 5th grade…so we might have met then, too.

Who asked whom out first? I asked him out first. It was more of a bargain. I told him I’d go to his basketball game if he went to church youth group with me…we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Who kissed first? That was me, too. I totally surprised him.

Who proposed? He did, in my college apartment. Then, the next day he went out of town for the weekend for a conference…that made me sad.

His best features & qualities? He loves me unconditionally, he’s a hottie, he’s a great dad, I could go on and on and on.

Us at a wedding in May:

I will tag people if they want to play along:

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  1. How fun. It made me think about some of these. You guys look great in that pic.

  2. You are stubborn? I find that hard to believe. Thanks for sharing, and yes I took the challenge too. Thanks for tagging me.

  3. That was fun! You are too cute together!!
    I would play but it would be about my lil man..hes the only one I have time for these days! lol

  4. Hi Krystyn and thanks for entering my giveaway! Wishing you lots of luck!

  5. I would love to add some comments myself. Mainly about his hairy fingers grabbing for my sisters hand! But I sure do love Papa Bear….he’s a keeper!

  6. Aw, so sweet, Krystyn!
    You guys make a cute, cute couple 🙂

  7. I loved your answer about who eats more. HA HA! What a lovely picture of you 2 together!

    Thanks for playing along! : )

  8. That was so fun! Great pic! 🙂

  9. I love the gorgeous olive dress in the wedding photo! Congrats on your baby….who will be arriving VERY SOON!

  10. says:

    Awww. Isn’t it fun to look back like that?

  11. What a cute meme! And how fun to learn more about your man!

  12. i know this is supposed to be about him – but i love the dress you are wearing in the picture!! sooo cute!

  13. Oh I love this one. I learned a lot that I did not know. It’s weird that we talk so much yet I had no idea about a lot of this stuff.

  14. Loved getting to know more about you and your man!
    Good stuff!
    Love the photo of you two!!!

  15. MamaGeek @ Works For Us says:


    Now then.

    Girl you are one hott couple. And you stubborn? No way. 🙂

  16. What a cute meme, i love this one. That photo of you guys is adorable.

  17. Cute post! I hope your school year is starting off well.
    We go back next week!

  18. Love the picture and the answers. Fun! Fun!

  19. Sweet picture! You two are adorable! Cute meme. I got tagged to do this one too, but haven’t gotten around to it yet…

  20. How fun. As I was reading it, I was thinking through my own answers about my hubby! Happy POW

  21. That was a fun post! thanks for sharing and happy POW.

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