Once again, it’s December and my cards aren’t ordered-Help me decide


Just like last year, December totally snuck up on me. I blame having family visit for Thanksgiving and being sick. So, once again, it’s a week into December and I haven’t ordered Christmas cards. Of course, this dawned on me after I received our first, and second, and well, a handful of cards already!

Last year, I used minted and ordered their Holiday Booklette™ cards. I don’t think I ever received as many compliments on our cards as when we sent these. I was able to feature so many pictures and actually had a page dedicated to each girl.

Minted holiday booklet

A friend sent out Ornament Holiday Cards that doubled as tree ornaments which I think is genius. I love the look of these and that they are easy for family to display.

minted ornament

And then there is the gold Foil-Pressed Holiday Cards. These shimmer and shine. I got my catalogue this year and was drawn to these. They are fun and different and classy.

minted foil holiday card

So many of them allow fun shapes as well giving you card an extra personalized touch.

Shaped Cards Minted

The letterpress cards are stunning. I love that they have texture which allows such great depth of the cards.

minted letterpress card

I know I can’t go wrong with any of the minted Holiday Cards and I won’t be disappointed. I love that they support artists and actually have competitions for designing new cards every year (one year, I will submit something!) In the mean time, help me decide on the cards we should send out so I can expedite the shipping! I’m glad that I used them last year as my addresses are already saved, so I can take advantage of the free recipient address printing, too!

Help me decide, which cards should we send out this year?

*Minted has given me a code for cards. All thoughts are my own and I would have ordered from them anyways!


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  1. I vote for the book cards again. Those are so neat and I like seeing each girl have their own featured page.

  2. Cynthia C says:

    My favorite is the Merry & Bright card.

  3. pat chance says:

    I liked the book but the ornament idea is cute too

  4. Wow! They are all gorgeous. You go all out! So fancy! I just order mine through Walgreens. HA!
    You’re right. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Whichever you choose, just be sure to triple check what you wrote so you don’t send out a million cards with typos on them like I did. 😉

  5. Angela Saver says:

    I really like the Holiday Booklette Cards most of all, but all of them would be great!

  6. We just took our pics last night.. over a week late 😉
    I love the Holiday Booklette.

  7. My favorite was the Merry and Bright card. I like the book card too but if you do a Christmast leetter it’s almost redundant.

  8. Angela P. says:

    I haven’t picked or sent any cards out yet.. I need to get moving. I can’t believe Christmas will be here in just 8 days. I really like the Merry and Bright card the best.

  9. Emilio Houston says:

    Loved the idea for the foil-pressed holiday cards. Good idea for next Christmas!

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