10 Super Fun Minute to Win It Games for Kids


If you haven’t ever heard of or played Minute to Win It Games, you are seriously missing out! Based on a popular TV show, Minute to Win It Games for kids have become popular at birthday parties, youth group events, and even in classrooms.

10 super fun minute to win it games for kids

When playing, you can use a point system to see who comes out on top, play in elimination stages, or just play for the fun and the laughs! Give these Minute to Win It games for kids a try at the next birthday party, family game night, or just to break up the boredom of a rainy day.

Get your stopwatch or timer ready and a couple of friends and family and see who can win it in a minute. 

1. Junk in the Trunk

This is hands-down the most hilarious of the Minute to Win It Games for Kids. Fill two empty tissue boxes (make sure to remove any plastic) with 8 ping pong balls. Tie the boxes around the waist of two players.

They then must shake out the ping pong balls without using their hands. The fastest to empty their box or the person who has the fewest balls left after a minute is the winner!

2. Dicey

In this game, players will attempt to stack six dice on a popsicle stick while holding it in their mouth. The full stack must stay up for at least three seconds. Sounds fairly easy, right? It’s harder than you think!

Keep track of how high everyone gets before their dice fall, just in case no one can complete the challenge in a minute.

3. Keep It Up

Players must use only their breath to keep two feathers in the air for a full minute…or for as long as they can.

You can also use a straw to concentrate the air or simplify things by using only one feather for younger children.

orange feather

4. Mad Dog

Some of these Minute to Win It games for kids that will leave you shaking your head…literally! Attach two opened Tic Tac boxes to the ends of a ruler, resembling a dog bone, with the open ends up.

The object of the game is to empty all of the mints from the boxes within, just by shaking your head with the ruler in their mouth.

5. The Nutstacker

In this game, the object is simple – you have to stack six metal hexagonal nuts on their flat sides. However, getting the job done is more challenging than you’d think.

You will need to use a wooden dowel or chopstick to pick up the nuts and stack them up. And, of course, you have to do it in a minute or less!

6. Noodling Around

Players in this game must place a long piece of spaghetti in their mouth and thread on six pieces of ziti, which are placed at the edge of a table.

Be sure to check that your spaghetti will fit all six pieces. If not, you may want to adjust the types of pasta you use or reduce the number of pieces required to complete the game.

7. Human Ring Toss

Gather up some hula hoops or round pool floats and let the game of ring toss begin! This is a partner or team game, with one player serving as the “post” that the rest on their team will try to throw the loops around.

The person or team who gets the most rings around their partner wins!

8. Straw Race

Set up a start and finish line for your race course, then line up 5 marshmallows, cotton balls, pompoms, or similar objects for each player at the start. They must use a straw to blow their objects across the finish line.

The first one finished or the one with the most over the line after a minute is up is the winner!

colorful straw

9. Pink Elephant

This Minute to Win It game is played…well…head-to-head! Attach a plastic Slinky to a headband and then swing your head around to try to land the closed spring on your forehead.

You’ll look like an elephant swinging their trunk around. It’s a tough game, but a ton of fun to play and watch!

10.Bite Me

I remember this from my own childhood and was excited to see it featured as a Minute to Win It game. In this game, you use your mouth to pick up a paper bag.

Next, cut down the bag to remove the area where you bit and try again. The person whose bag is the smallest at the end of a minute is the winner!

These are just a few of the best Minute to Win It games for kids. Have you ever given Minute to Win It a try? What were your favorite games to play?

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