Mommy and Me Monday-The 2nd Edition


Thank you for joining me on this new endeavor, Mommy and Me Monday.  I can’t wait to see you all out from behind the camera and in front of the lens.  It will be good for us all to be added to the documentation of our lives (as well as the lives of our children).  Read a description of Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

#1 had a cough all week.  Several times (despite my best reminders), she coughed on me. 

Saturday morning, she woke up with a fever (103.3) and I wasn’t feeling too good, either.

#1 and I hung out on the couch pretty much all weekend.  I can’t say I minded too much because she was extra cuddly and snuggly.  And surprisingly still.

Don’t we look good?  Yeah, no shame here, I guess.

#2, on the other hand, was going about 200 mph at 110%.  She was climbing on everything include me and #1.  I think she was a little jealous.


And, let this picture show you that yours doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just needs to capture a moment.  A moment with you and your little one(s).

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  1. Great picture! I need to tak emore pictures of the kids and me…maybe I will remember this and then take a picture!

  2. Such a sweet picture–and I hope you both start feeling better!

    I totally slacked last week. I am forcing Leo to take one during the week this time!


  3. Aww.. poor sick momma. You're just keeping it real 🙂

    I hope you all feel better soon!

  4. Hope you guys feel better soon! And hello…you look good when you're sick!! I'm a total disaster. It's not pretty. 🙂

  5. Sorry you 2 havent been feeling well 🙁
    I hate when they are sick, but I sure do love when they snuggle!

  6. Hope you're all feeling better soon! In the meantime, enjoy the cuddles :o).

  7. Even though two of the three in the photo are sick, it's still a great photo!

  8. This is a great picture. I hope you and your kiddo feel better. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Sweet picture. You've got to remember the good times & the bad! I forgot to participate this week! Next week, I'll be back.

  10. ou girls are so sweet. I hope everyone is feeling better today.

  11. Awe, poor Izzy. I don't think I've ever seen her that subdued! I hope y'all are feeling better today.

  12. oh you poor little girls 🙁 hoping today you called it in and are still snuggled up on the couch!!

  13. How fun! I need to totally do this more. I will try to remember to link up next week.

  14. So sorry that you've had the sickies…they've been going around our house, too. Only, I'm certain it's allergies. The weather has been crazy, which means we all get sick!

  15. Too cute! I can't wait to see them! Hopefully Leroy will cooperate better this next week.

  16. Libby gets jealous when her siblings are sick too…I think she is a hypochondriac in the making!

    I hope everyone is feeling better!

  17. I'm the only person with furry "me's" in my pictures 🙁 I'm kinda depressed. I may have to go steal a human kid to take pics with.

  18. Love To Shop Mom says:

    So Cute! I just found your site! Can't wait to read more!

  19. Cute picture! I have to join in this if I *can* get myself in front of the camera 😉

  20. Ahh….I am sorry that you and Izzy were sick. I hope that you are better by now. It is nice that you can see the silver lining even when you are sick. What a sweetheart you are.

    E.J. and Ernie have strep throat. Austin is coughing all over me tonight. I hope we don't get sick. It seems to take us forever to bounce back when we are sick.

    I think your Mommy and me is a great idea. I will enjoy seeing your post each Monday.
    Get better if you are not already. Hugs, Grammy Lura

  21. I hope you're all feeling better and that little Nat never caught the bug.

  22. That stinks with all the sickness. Our house was the same way. I'm wanting some warmer weather. Pronto!

  23. sweet picture of you and your ladies. you know, that's the real look of motherhood, right?

  24. Yay for capturing a moment friend. Here's hoping you are all feeling better already!

  25. I love reading your blogs. And it gives me so much positivity. I learn so many tips from reading your blogs.

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