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We’ve got one week until school starts for my big three! ONE WEEK! I think we’ve finally recovered from vacation (all of the suitcases are put away), and we’ve spent some good family time. Sunday after a water day for the kids at church, we headed home and changed and went out for lunch. Then, it was time for a cool tasty treat.

With RacTrac’s Swirl World $0.69 cones, I knew the 6 of us would be under $5 for a cool treat. And, because there is a RaceTrac right by our house (we actually passed two of them), it made even more sense to stop.

Of course, we have to try the flavors with the sample cups to make sure we get just the right flavor. And, then, there were toppings (I wasn’t sure we could add toppings to the cones, but they store employees said we could).

SwirlWorld at RaceTrac

Everybody grabbed a cone with their favorite flavor, and made their way over to a booth to enjoy it. I’m so glad they have sorbet and other non-dairy flavors so I can enjoy some, too. Mr. Serious was nice enough to take a picture, but we even treated him to a cone, too.

Six people, six different cones and everybody got what they wanted.

Mommy and Me Monday | SwirlWorld RaceTrac Giveaway

After a few licks, the girls started asking what color their tongues were and sticking them out.

Mommy and Me Monday | SwirlWorld RaceTrac Giveaway

It always makes for a fun photo.

Mommy and Me Monday | SwirlWorld RaceTrac Giveaway

We might have to go a couple more times this week. It’s such an inexpensive treat that is guaranteed smiles.

RaceTrac is running a two-month promotion celebrating (and discounting) Swirl World in June and July this summer. Guests have the choice of a cup, sugar cone or waffle cone. These promotions vary by location, but in Atlanta, the Swirl World In-Store Promotion consists of:

  • June: Fill up a limited-edition Swirl World Braves helmet bowl for $5 flat rate (this has technically ended, but our store still has some available)
  • July: $0.69 cones


HOW TO ENTER: Complete a Twitter tweet or an Instagram post containing the hashtags #HowYouSwirlWorld and #Sweepstakes and tag @SeriousKrystyn. Entries without Hashtags are ineligible.

PS If you don’t have a picture: Feel free to use this as your entry, or save that gif above and insert it into your tweet!

Tweet: I’d love to grab a @RaceTrac SwirlWorld Treat like this! #HowYouSwirlWorld #Sweepstakes @SeriousKrystyn

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  1. We don’t go to any other Froyo places anymore. RaceTrac satisfies everyone in our family. The new Braves bowls are pretty cute, but we opt for the cheap cones. 🙂

  2. we’ll do a visit for four with plenty of sprinkles. Mama gets the cherry on top, too!

  3. Pat Chance says:

    Darn they need to open one of these up in Katy

  4. Nancy Loring says:

    I would put anything with chocolate in it. As a matter of fact I could go for one right now if it was’not so late.

  5. Depending on my mood, I may keep it super simple and get rainbow sprinkles as a topping.

  6. I would get candy pieces, likely m&m’s, and some hot fudge.

  7. carol clark says:

    id get some sprinkles i think

  8. Yum! And loving the tongue photos. My kids always want to see what color their tongues turn after frozen treats too.

  9. I like the cheesecake flavor with peaches.

  10. These colored ice lollies are so nice to look. My kids always wants these type of icecreams or chocolates. But be careful about their qualities. Don’t feed them any brands. Because some of their colours could be unhygenic for kids.

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