Mommy and Me Monday-The 3rd Edition


Thank you for joining me on this new endeavor, Mommy and Me Monday.  I can’t wait to see you all out from behind the camera and in front of the lens.  It will be good for us all to be added to the documentation of our lives (as well as the lives of our children).  Read a description of Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

This week was yet another sick week at our house; #1 was home 2.5 days.  Meanwhile, #2 was fit as a fiddle.

We left work and school early Tuesday because of the snow (and actually got to have a late start on Wednesday).  Crazy, right?  In March!

The girls were looking out the window at the snow being super cute, so I got the ol’ Nikon out and started snapping away.

My little sicky wanted to take the pictures, but she wanted all of us in them.  Now, I can’t even hold that camera and take a picture of us, so I didn’t think she did.

I held the camera, and she snapped away.

Look at this masterpiece. 

For once, I think I look quite good. (No, that isn’t food on my lips, it’s a freckle.  Yes, people have walked up to me and tried to take it off…no joke).

#1 is concentrating on getting the perfect shot.

And, #2?  Can you tell she’s feeling good?  She really is a riot.

Mommy and Me-The Third Edition 

I can’t wait to see all of your pictures!  I try to make sure I visit everybody! Make sure you head over and check out all of the other Mommy and Me Monday posts and leave them some comment love.

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  1. Oh, poor N. Hope she feels better soon.

    The picture is great.

    Have a nice week.

  2. What a great idea! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Roo and I from this week, but maybe I'll play next week.

  3. I love this picture of you!

    And N cracked me up! Lol!

    xo & thanks for hosting!

  4. Such a wonderful candid shot! Love it!

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE Mommy and Me Monday? My husband randomly grabbed the camera and took a picture of me with the baby Sunday. I asked him what he was doing and he said it was for Mommy and Me Monday. I was impressed!

    Have a great week!

  5. I LOVE this picture! So adorable! Look how happy she is!!!!

  6. Sweet picture!! Thanks again for starting this Krystyn!!!

  7. That picture is SO CUTE! You all look so pretty and happy. 🙂

  8. that is a great photo! I love the laughter, you can see the happiness in it!

  9. That is a fantastic picture!! I have a freckle like that on my chin that people always think is a pen mark! LOL 🙂

    I will visit everyone's blog later today. Have to zoom out the door now for doctor appointments. Have a great monday!

  10. Great pic of you and your girls! I love cracking-up pictures!

    Hope that Izzy is feeling better soon!

  11. Melody has that same look when she's sick. You look really good! (but I've always thought you're photogenic) and Nat is just cracking me up!

  12. Thanks for a fun carnival! I love the no-pressure aspect of it! 🙂 It's could also be called Real-life Mondays! LOL. Hope yours feels better, too….gotta go get my screaming snotty one now…

  13. Is it me, or does N have a face made for laughing? What a great shot!

  14. This is fantastic. I'll have to play along soon!

  15. Sorry to hear you have one sick! That is hysterical. Love all the emotions going on here. Laughing, smiling, concentration. Nice.

    My son has a mark under his nose that people tried to wipe off his first two years. Now they all know it is a beauty mark but a few years ago my girlfriend said, I just always thought he had snot on his face. Really????!!! Snot! Like I never cleaned him, it WAS always in the same place!

  16. That's my new favorite picture for sure! I can't wait to see the Serious family!

  17. love the masterpiece 🙂

    sorry for my late link up – better late than never right?

  18. I love this idea. Railey has taken the best pictures of me anyone ever has. Maybe it is because she relaxes me. This will be fun to see. Sorry I missed it!

  19. I LOVE this PICTURE! Two copies for the girls Scrapbooks!!!! LOL

  20. N is hysterical in this picture, too bad she's not feeling well, I hope she feels better by now 🙂

  21. Loving this picture of all of you together. This truly is a perfect shot of motherhood isn't it? 🙂

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