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For 400 weeks now (that’s like 10 consecutive pregnancies!), I’ve captured at least one picture a week in some way shape or form with me and at least one of my girls. Sometimes it’s a selfie. Sometimes one of the kids takes it. Sometimes Mr. Serious snaps it. Whatever the mood, we try to capture it. I want my girls to know when they go back looking through pictures that I was there and that it’s not all always rainbows and unicorns. But, we get the ups, the downs, the naps, the exhaustion, the frustration, the happy and the sad. We get life. And that’s all my intention ever was with Mommy and Me Monday. To get the kids and me in pictures doing life!

If I could give myself a reward for keeping up with it, I would. But I think the reward is really in the pictures…the moments captured to help us remember everything we’ve done so far, everywhere we’ve been…and that we will continue to do so. Continue even when I don’t feel like I’m picture worthy, even when I’m not at my best. Because they really, truly don’t care. So, it’s all of these moments wrapped up in the little and big that we will keep capturing. And sometimes, we will capture the silly and fun, too. I had the help of a studio this time. 

The Halloween Costume Theme

Over three years ago, we were at Disneyland waiting in line for pictures with a character. Across the way, we saw a ruckus and commotion and then we heard it. Cruella De Vil was making her way through a crowd yelling “out of my way” and being her typical self. Then again two years ago, she was a guest at a conference and I posted a picture with the caption “when I grow up, I’m going to be Cruella De Vil.”

Friends, it’s safe to say I’ve grown up! For my 400th Mommy and Me Monday, I present to you, my version of Cruella De Vil and 4 of the 101 Dalmatians and a lone henchman.

Mommy and ME Monday

I knew this was going to have to be the year. I was worried I wouldn’t have kids that wanted to cooperate. But they did!

My friend Lindsey made the shirts for the girls and the caplet for me. The tails, ears and neckties for the Dalmatians as well as the henchmen hat were all purchased on Amazon. And everything else we already had!

Also, I knew we had to have some fun pictures, because I need this picture in my life for always. Yes, it is currently framed on the wall. No, I don’t think I will ever take it down. The question is, do you think I can get a couple more years out of these shirts, ears and tails?

portrait innovations | mommy and me monday

If this isn’t the picture of happy, I don’t know what is.

101 dalmation costumes.gif

(Studios don’t typically allow pictures to be taken with individual phones during sessions, but I asked for permission for the blog post to make this GIF!)

In addition to the fun poses with our costumes, we also got a nice Fall picture with the costumes on, too. I’m fairly certain this is the best picture of all of us looking in the same direction in quite some time.

mommy and me monday free pictures at portrait innovations

Of course, when you are getting professional pictures done, and it’s to capture your most epic 400th Mommy and Me Monday, you get a serious picture, too. Well, as serious as we can be!

Every time we’ve been in studio, it’s been a great experience. They work quickly to get the shots but don’t leave you feeling rushed. You can leave with the pictures in hand as well as receive a link to your pictures to share on social media and with family and friends.

portrait innovations free halloween pictrures mommy and me monday

What did you do this week? Are you going to be doing a theme for Halloween?

GET IN THE PICTURE WITH YOUR KIDS! Who cares what you look like? Who cares how you appear? Who cares what you are wearing? JUST DO IT! Come share your picture on the Facebook thread or use #MommyAndMeMonday!

It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids. Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.  Need another reason to participate in Mommy and Me Monday? Read my post about why I blog with words from a friend’s husband.

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  1. It was strangely special to get those Halloween portraits done for me, too. But I ADORE them. And your shaking tails photo is the BEST. I would have framed it, too. Perfect happy happy happy for the 400th edition! <3

  2. Grandma Pat says:

    400 WEEKS – congratulations – you make a great Cruella. Mr. Serious looks good in the hat too.

    1. I couldn’t help but get a video! B actually started it and if you look closely, she’s concentrating very hard on it!

    1. I think they would still be shaking them now if I had given them the option!

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