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After hemming and hawing and hoping that the deadline passing would mean I didn’t have to make a decision, our oldest daughter’s teachers really asked (no doubt on her behalf) if she could go on a field trip to Washington DC. I was not thrilled with the idea. I knew I wouldn’t be able to be a chaperone, but I guess at some point we have to let them out of the nest a bit.

We made the deposits, did the fund raising, made all the payments and on Wednesday at 3:30am, they were off. Thankfully, Mr. Serious was up to the challenge of getting her there at that time and thought to grab a picture.

Mr. Serious and the oldese | Mommy and Me Monday

She was so busy and had the fullest of full schedules. I don’t think they skipped seeing anything while they were there. She did get a chance to borrow her chaperone’s phone and call us every day to fill us in. She also wanted to be filled in on our days. I assure you, they were pretty average, especially in comparison to what she was doing.

Thankfully, her chaperone also sent a picture that doesn’t show faces, so I can share it…you know for the old blog baby book!

Mommy and Me Monday

We didn’t really do anything monumental this week. It was definitely weird without the oldest here. Before dinner, I asked for a hug one day (maybe missing her a bit) and before I knew it, it was a big hug. It makes my mom heart happy for sure.

Mommy and Me Monday Dog Pile

But, I was pretty glad to pick her up Sunday morning and have her safely back in the nest. Let’s see how long she sleeps today!

She's home | Mommy and Me Monday

What did you do this week?

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  1. Sweetness! And thrilled she had the energy to join us for Cupcake Wars at Princess of the King small groups in the afternoon. Can’t wait to hear more about her experiences in the nation’s capital.

    1. She made it very clear that she wanted to go to Cupcake Wars before she even left! So I made sure she got a nap as soon as she got home so she was reseted enough to attend! Thank you again for hosting them..and keeping them extra when I totally dropped the ball.

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