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My days of capturing my girls with me seem to be less and less. I’m going to keep doing it, but it is definitely taking more effort to get at least one of them to stop and grab a picture with me. Our week days have us all over the place and the weekends, too. I still down Sunday night and wonder where the week has gone.

N spent her weekend in the foothills of the mountains with part of our church family at a retreat for the kids in our conference. I’m fairly certain she didn’t miss us at all as she’s asked to go back next weekend (not happening) and this summer. I’d say the smile says it all.

having fun at church camp

At first she was bummed she was missing a revival at our church. And she did miss the giant roller skate car, but the oldest and E were happy to jump in and grab a picture. They were missing their sister, but not too bad!

giant roller skate car

She even missed the Flick and Float pool party. It was a good distraction as it kept us all busy at home while N was at her retreat.

At one point, I briefly did worry that I couldn’t find N in the pool and then remembered that she wasn’t there. Whew. That’s a lot of kids in the pool!

flick and float pool party

There was also some car cleaning, and washing and overall tidying, because how could it be the weekend without it?

My “playing” included an early morning garage workout with Mr. Serious on Saturday.

Garage workout

Followed by the 3rd Annual 9-11 Memorial stair climb in honor of the first responders that climbed up the World Trade Centers. We climbed approximately 110 flights of stairs without full emergency gear on and we were soaked.

911 memorial stair climb

Before we knew it, it was time to head up to the church to grab our N-bear. She was talking non-stop about everything she was able to do and we were happy to have her home. I got dibs on the first hug, but once we were home, she was quick to get hugs from Mr. Serious and all of her sisters.

Mommy and Me Monday with N

My goal this week is to once again focus on a couple more candid shots throughout the week and attempt to capture the moments!

What did you do this week?

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