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This week was quite eventful with school visits. It wasn’t even originally intentional, but just worked out that everybody got a school visit this week.

The oldest got a lunch visit at the middle school at her request. Apparently, this doesn’t happen very often and I had to make a special request to join her because I didn’t give 24 hours notice. Thankfully, it all worked out and I had a happy girl! (Can somebody please tell them to stop growing up? She turned 12 today! TWELVE!!!)

birthday lunch with the oldest

Then it was off to lunch with N at the elementary school. I enjoyed my time there as well. And can’t believe she turned 10 on Saturday. TEN! Two whole hands!

birthday lunch with N

Of note, I didn’t eat lunch at either of these lunches and enjoyed my lunch in the quiet of my kitchen. Lunch rooms are noisy and overwhelming! That probably is aging me a bit.

I also had an opportunity to do Fall Centers with E at her school. I think she was happy to have me there and I had fun doing a favorite leaf color activity with the first graders.

fall centers with e.jpg

Since B’s open house, I actually haven’t had a chance to visit her classroom. But, Mr. Serious had his last Donuts with Dads and B couldn’t have been happier. She asked if it was the day for about two week I think Mr. Serious enjoyed himself, too.

donuts and dads with b

We’ve now got kiddos that are a year older and wiser! We had a great weekend celebrating the oldest two but celebrating with everybody.

What did you do this week?

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  1. 12 is unacceptable!! UGH. So grown up! But I loved being 12… one of my favorite years. And 10! Officially double digits! Happy Birthday, girls!

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