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Do you see those faces? They are all smiling…and HEALTHY (one missing kiddo was at choir!). It took about a month, and a combined 6 urgent care and 3 doctor’s visits, along with three antibiotics, but (knocks on wood, despite not being superstitious) they are all healthy.

After the festivities of Thanksgiving, we finally got to dig into our Nintendo Switch Labo kit we were sent. Since the day they first started promoting this, I was excited. I really like the idea of combining hands on work and STEM with our Nintendo Switch. It makes my science heart happy.

Nintendo Labo

It’s really cool, when you put the game cartridge into the Switch, you are shown with video and words exactly how to put each creation together. So, the kids are really going to be experts at putting IKEA furniture together one day!

We started, as directed with our control holder, just to get the idea of the directions and how the process worked.

nintendo labo mommy and me monday

Then we moved onto the little robot car. We watched the video, figured out the folds and tucks and in a few minutes our car was driving on the floor.

nintendo labo mommy and me monday

It even displays a video on the Nintendo Switch screen which we all thought was fun. It was also a bit of a mystery trying to figure out where the camera actually was.

nintendo labo mommy and me monday

They are all currently working together to create the piano now. It says it should take about 3 hours…so I’m loving the creative aspect as well as the fact that they are working together.

Nintendo, Institute of Play and STEM in the classroom:

Nintendo and the Institute of Play have teamed up to bring Nintendo Labo kits into elementary classrooms nationwide, combining the innovative play of Nintendo Labo with the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) to inspire kids and help make learning fun!

Nintendo will provide Nintendo Labo: Variety Kits and Nintendo Switch systems to participating classrooms to reinforce skills such as communication, creativity and critical thinking. The program aims to reach approximately 100 schools and 2,000 students ages 8 to 11 during the 2018-2019 school year. I’ve already had our school’s science teacher and TARGET teachers apply and hoping they get to experience this in their classrooms.

The Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide will also be available later this fall for teachers to download or for families to use at home. The Nintendo Labo Teacher Guide will include sample lesson plans and learning modules dedicated to basic elements of STEAM and the Make, Play and Discover components of Nintendo Labo. I’m definitely going to download these sample lesson plans for use at home over our next break!

What did you do this week?

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