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Two years ago, I was able to do my first practice bus ride with E. Previous to that, I had a tiny baby at home so Mr. Serious went along. This time, however, B and I almost missed the bus! 

Last first bus ride along

Thankfully, we didn’t. And thankfully, I didn’t fall down the stairs and I was running outside to catch it.

Two years ago, our bus that has two runs (does a run, drops kids at the school and does a second run, which we ride), did the entire first run and returned the kids to their homes, and then came and got us. So, they were about 40 minutes late. So, I planned for us to be outside right on time, anticipating us waiting for a while.

Nope, not with our driver. She kept the first load on the bus and then came and got us and was seven minutes early! Thankfully, our stop is actually in our yard AND the driver has to do a three point turn, so I heard her turning around and we ran outside just in time to get on!

B was pretty happy she finally got to ride the bus!

looking like a big kid

I like to get a picture while we are waiting for the bus, but since that didn’t happen, we made sure to duplicate the look after the bus brought us back. It might not be authentic, but tradition, man!

last bus ride along

She hasn’t yet had a morning ride on the bus as it’s been nice enough to walk, but she’s been a professional (okay, not really), in the afternoons!

Can we tell these kids to stop growing up already?

What did you do this week?

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