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I think Atlanta is having an identity crisis this weekend. We woke up to a chill in the air and a high of 77! It sure was pleasant outside which made it great for grilling (and also a not so hot garage workout). 

While Mr. Serious went to get the oldest and her friend from choir, N and I were tasked with dumping the coals out and putting the chicken on the grill. Naturally, we decided snapping a picture with our matching curls and the grill was necessary.

Grilling with my N | Mommy and Me Monday

She told me I didn’t do it like daddy and I’m cool with that. We eventually moved the coals around to make a side that was hotter and a side that was cooler. I was all, whatever, girls can grill and as long as the meat is cooked we are good, right?

We are fans of charcoal cooking. It makes everything taste better. But man does it require more prep work and time. Sometimes I just want to turn on a grill and go. Patience, even with grilling, right?

Grilling with my N | Mommy and Me Monday

The chicken came out tasty and even though we had a circus blown using the microwave and the air fryer simultaneously, we had a yummy dinner. Marinated chicken, “baked” potatoes, air fryer asparagus and salad. 

What did you do this week?

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  1. Kevin Roche says:

    “We are fans of charcoal cooking. It makes everything taste better.” me too, it’s so true

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