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At the beginning of August, I last minute reached out to our travel agent to see if there were any good deals on a cruise or family vacation during our fall break week. We didn’t really have any plans and Mr. Serious had already taken the week off, so we got to work. 

We decided on a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, hitting Nassau and Perfect Day at Coco Cay. (We paid for this entire trip and received no extras or incentives.)

This time, we drove all the way to Port Canaveral (in one day) the day before the cruise departed and stayed at a hotel that had a suite that fit our family of 6. Once we got settled, we found a nice place to grab dinner…and a family selfie. 

Mommy and Me Monday at Fishlips

The next morning, we parked our car at the hotel and used their shuttle service to get us over to the ships and board the boat. 

We found our way around quickly and signed our waivers for the Flow Rider. Naturally, N wanted to hop on immediately. 

waiting for flow rider

And the kids had to check out the pool. They decided “meh” on salt water pools, but enjoyed the hot tubs and slides. 

on the pool deck

We grabbed a lot of selfies on the ship and our vacation. 

Waiting for the skypad

I realized I only handed the camera over one time to try to get a family picture. I’m certain we picked the location with the worst lighting, too.

I wish I would have done it more. 

family picture

In Coco Cay, we took the tram to our cabana. We planned to walk, but the kids wanted to ride the tram. We did walk back to the ship at the end of the day.

on the tram at perfect day at coco cay

We didn’t think to ask anybody to grab a family shot here and I sure which I would have. It would have been a great Christmas card.

dad with kiddos in coco cay

I’m not sure I have the skills to merge these pictures. 

Coco Cay

Before we knew it, our ship was headed back to Port Canaveral and we had a 9 hour drive headed back home along with half of Atlanta that was also on our ship (we ran into a friend from the YCMA, a family that used to go to the same school as our kids and somebody from our church all on the same ship)!

What did you do this week?

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  1. Ronda Gamble says:

    We went on our first cruise a year and a half ago. We all loved it. I found it to be the most relaxing trip that I had been on because I did not have to worry about anything and everyone was always entertained.

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